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how to increase range on Razor EcoSmart Metro scooter?

Hi. I have questions for the geniuses in this forum. Please tell me the parts I need to buy from, in order to achieve my goal of increasing the range of my Razor Ecosmart Metro scooter. Right now it has the standard parts. It travels along at a not-good-enough range. So, I want to upgrade everything to the maximum range possible, even if I have to build a separate battery case on the scooter. I ride it on the sidewalk. Yeah, I know, bad, illegal , but its too dangerous to ride on streets here in crazy miami. I've gotta upgrade the range to the max possible, or I may do something dangerous and stupid and buy a gas scooter and end up riding on the street and therefore put my life in my hands. I don't wanna risk that. So I'm willing to spend a bundle to keep this scooter and upgrade it to the maximum range possible. I just need the geniuses on this to tell me what to buy. Money is no object. So, design this for me, list the parts. Go! Thanks! CG

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Hi CG, although we do not consider ourselves to be geniuses, we do know quite a bit about electric scooters and can help you with your electric scooter modification goal.

To increase the range of an electric scooter is incredibly simple. All that needs to be done is to install a larger battery pack, or an additional battery pack.

One way to do this would be to replace the existing battery pack which is made up of three 12 Volt 8Ah batteries with a new battery pack made with six 12 Volt 9Ah batteries. Our 9Ah batteries are the exact same size as the original 8Ah batteries so they will fit perfectly. Then stack one set of three batteries on top of the other set of three batteries, and use wood boards to space the footplate off of the scooter's frame to allow room for the extra batteries.

In your case the extra batteries would require the footplate to be raised 2-1/2" instead of 1" as shown in the illustration above.

Two packs of three of the batteries would need to be wired in series, and then those two packs wires in parallel to make a 36 Volts battery pack. 

A larger battery charger would then be needed to recharge the larger battery pack. A 36 Volt 3 Amp battery charger would be a good size for this new battery pack.

I would expect for the range to be at least doubled with a new battery pack like this.

Oh and by the way, even though riding an electric scooter on the sidewalk may be illegal in most places I do not consider it to be bad because there is nothing bad about being safe when you are riding a scooter. I believe that riding bikes and scooters should be allowed on the sidewalks when no pedestrians are present. That is just my opinion though.

Sorry for dropping in late, but I'm the process of purchasing that very 6-battery pack upgrade on my razor ecosmart for added run-time and speed. Just one thing, I would greatly appreciate a diagram to wire this battery set up before I order from you guys, just want to be on the clear about the set up... thanks ahead :)

Thanks for your reply. Here is a wiring diagram showing how to wire six batteries for the Razor EcoSmart electric scooter.


This is what we call a series/parallel battery pack wiring arrangement. Three of the batteries are wired in series, and another three batteries are wired in series, and then those two sets of three batteries are wired in parallel.

During the process or after you finish the six battery modification you are welcome to post pictures of it here.

on this same topic wouldn't upgrading to lithium batteries increase range but negate the need to increase voltage?

Hi JR, modifying the scooter to have a lithium battery pack would only increase the range of the scooter if the lithium battery pack had a higher Ah (Amp hour) rating than the lead acid battery pack that it was replacing. However if a lithium battery pack had the same Ah rating as the lead acid battery pack that it replaced then it might provide a little more range because it is lighter than a lead acid battery pack so their will be less drain on the battery pack when accelerating and going up inclines.

When increasing the Voltage of the battery pack and over-Volting the scooter the motor will demand more current from the battery pack so the range will be lower than before the scooter was over-Volted unless the Ah of the battery pack is appropriately increased during the Over-Volting modification.

Question. I want to do the same by increasing the range but I want to buy a total of 9, 10ah 12v batteries. Would I be able to do this with a 3 Amp charger and how would you wire the batteries in parallel to still keep it at 36V?

Hi Nyke, a 36 Volt battery pack made from nine 12 Volt 10Ah batteries would be a 36 Volt 30Ah battery pack. A 36 Volt 3 Amp battery charger would recharge a 36 Volt 30Ah battery pack in 12 hours.

Here is how to wire nine 12 Volt batteries to make a 36 Volt battery pack.


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