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Upgrade for a Mongoose M350

I want to upgrade my Mongoose M350. I am 6'1" and weigh 220 so I am looking for more power and speed. Mainly power, I can live with out the speed. Does anyone know what would help me out ? I am confused because I only have a three wire throttle now and if I go to the five or six wire, do I need a new motor, speed regulator, switches and batteries?

I would appreiciate any input.

Than you Keevin Maxon  Kalamazoo, MI.

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The Mongoose M350 is made by Currie and these type of electric scooters are very easy to upgrade for more power.

All that needs to be done is to replace the motor and speed controller (regulator). We have motors and controllers that will bolt right onto the scooter and plug into the existing connectors (plug and play). We even have a controller for this that works with a three wire throttle. It is our item # SPD-SD600 which is sold on this page:

For a motor we have a 600 and 750 Watt motor with non freewheel sprocket which are item # MOT-SD166 or MOT-SD175. If you have a motor with freewheel sprocket then it should be replaced with a motor that has a freewheel sprocket though, which would be our item # MOT-SD156FW or MOT-SD175FW. All of these motors are available on this page:

You can run a 750 Watt motor with the SPD-SD600 600 Watt controller, however its power output will be slightly limited by the controller. To get full power out of a 750 Watt motor a larger controller such as our item # SPD-241000 would need to be used with it, however this controller would not be plug and play and would require modifying the wiring harness to install it.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

How do I know if free wheel sprocket
Hi Jean, the way to tell if your motor or rear wheel has a freewheel sprocket is to turn the sprocket in both directions and see if it rotates the motor shaft or rim in one direction, and does not rotate the motor shaft or rim in the other direction. If it only rotates what it is attached to in one direction then it is a freewheel sprocket.
Mongoose M350 - what is largest motor I can put on? Change brakes? Thank you

 Hi Jean, using the original 24 Volt battery pack the largest motor that we have which will fit the Mongoose M350 is 750 Watts (item # MOT-SD175 and MOT-SD175FW). We have these 750 Watt motors available on the bottom of this page:

If the battery pack is upgraded to 36 Volts we have 36 Volt 1000 Watt motors that will fit the M350, however three 12 Volt batteries might not fit in the same space that the two original batteries fit into so that is something to consider.

To upgrade the Mongoose M350 brakes a good bicycle repair shop could weld bosses onto the scooter for front and rear V-brakes, which would significantly outperform the original band brake and give it strong stopping power.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Want to finally get 750w engine. Want to make sure I can return if not correct.
(2.09 MB)

We only sell new parts that have not been installed or used so as long as the motor has not been installed then it could be returned. When a motor is installed the installation bolts will leave scratch marks in the paint of the motor and at that point we can no longer sell it as a new motor.

The motor could be taken out of the shipping box, measured to make sure it fits, and then returned as long as it has not been installed. We could take measurements of the motor here though so you would not have to do that.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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