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Tin Lizzie conversion

I have a vintage tin Lizzie (1/4 scale model T Ford) l want to convert to electric...l need motor, brake, accelerator, and batteries, l want to go 15-20 mph, it currently has a 3hp Briggs and Stratton with a transmission connected by a belt...control is a lever which tensions the belt and a bar which contacts the rear tires for the brake....all connected by a system of levers, shafts and linkage which is worn out....16" tires...thanks....Tom
Can you give me a total cost with the 89....thanks!
Hi.....what is the total cost of kit with thr 89....thanks...Tom

I made a kit for this project and the total cost after the 10% discount is $629.00. The kit is item # KIT-428 and here is a link to it:

You can click on the part descriptions on the kit page linked to above to see what the parts look like and to get further details on the parts.

We can make the toggle switch wires any length that you need so they will have enough wire to run from the dashboard to the controller. We can change one of the toggle switches over to a key switch if you want the power switch to have a key so you can lock the car in the off power position. We can also make the charger port wires longer than 12" if you need them to be longer. We can modify the kit in just about any way that you would like.

I included a controller with reverse and a second toggle switch for putting the car in reverse. If you want a controller without reverse then I can switch the controller in the kit over to one without reverse and remove the second toggle switch and the cost of the kit will go down by $25.00.

A large percent of the cost of this kit is in the 50Ah batteries and 8 Amp battery charger which is required to charge the 50Ah batteries. The price of this kit could be reduced by $220.00 by switching from 50Ah batteries to 22Ah batteries and from an 8 Amp battery charger to a 3 Amp battery charger.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or would like any changes made to the kit.

I am mildly amazed that you knew l was thinking about the cost...l think the 22ah batteries will be fine..l have a 3 amp charger we use for the kids motorized toys..will it be appropriate for the 22ah batteries....if so let's order up your kit with the 22ah batteries and the rest of the necessary parts ...if my charger will be adequate then make the kit without charger...if not then include it
See above post...ready to order!
A little more information...we do not need a key switch.....24" of wire from dash to controller will be fine....l do want reverse...any other questions please let me know.... thanks....Tom

The charger for this kit (kit with two 22Ah batteries) needs to be 24 Volts, and a minimum of 3 Amps.

If the 3 Amp charger that you have is 24 Volt then it will work with the kit. We would just need to determine what type of output plug the charger has so we can make sure that we have the matching charger port available and can include it with the kit.

I made two kits with 22Ah batteries. One with a charger, and one without. The kit without the charger has an XLR charger port, however we could switch that to any other charger port that we have available after the kit is ordered.

Here is the kit with two 22Ah batteries with a 24V 3 Amp charger KIT-427:

And here is the same kit without a charger KIT-427-WC:

If either of these kits look right to you then please let me know after placing the order and I will add a note to the order instructing the builder to make the power and reverse toggle switch wires 24 inches long.

If you would like changes made to these kits, or have any questions or comments then please let me know.

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