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New electric go kart parts recommendations

I have built a go cart for my grandson. I purchased a 36 V, 1000 watt motor and mounted the motor with a tightening mechanism for tightening the chain. I am in need of the remainder of parts: batteries, controller, charger, foot throttle, forward reverse switch, on=off switch, etc. I did not order an existing Electric Scooter Parts kit since I wanted a larger motor and battery.

I can help with this, I just need to ask a few questions first.

Is the 36 Volt 1000 Watt motor a brushed or brushless type?
What is the Ah rating of the batteries that you plan to use and do you want us to build a wiring harness for them that connects to the controller?
What is the item # of the foot throttle do you want to use?
Are toggle switches acceptable for the power and reverse switches?
  1. Motor is part no. MY1020 from Monster Scooter Parts, brush motor.  Is this ok for the motor?
  2. I hoped to use a 12 Ah rating battery.  From what I have read, this seems like a good choice.  Do you agree?
  3. I would want a wiring harness to connect the batteries to the controller.
  4. I had not chosen a foot throttle.  I thought I would like a metal one rather than plastic.  For ruggedness.
  5. A toggle switch should be ok for the power switch. 
  6. For the forward reverse switch, I have seen forward reverse switches on-line that have a nice sized handle as the forward reverse switch handle.

The MY1020 motor is brushed and we have 36 Volt 1000 Watt controllers that will work with it. 12Ah batteries will work with a 1000 Watt system.

I just realized that for a 1000 Watt system the only reverse switch option we have is our item # SWT-175. I recommend looking at this switch and its mounting suggestions to make sure that it will work for your project. Here is a link to it:

If this reverse switch will work for your project then please let me know and we will take it from there.

I don't see any problem mounting the reverse switch SWT-175.

I like the THR-89 Foot Pedal Throttle if it works with the battery, motor and controller.

I attached a sketch of the go cart.


The THR-89 foot throttle is the best one that we carry and it is compatible with all of our controllers, motors, and batteries.

If the 36 Volt battery purchased two years ago has been recharged on a monthly basis then it should still work. If it has been sitting in storage for two years without ever being recharged then it has degraded a lot due to sulphation of its lead plates and may not work at all, or may work with reduced performance and ride time.

The controller could be mounted anywhere on the go kart however if you will be using a SWT-175 reversing switch then the best place or the controller would be close to the reversing switch. This way the power wires between the controller and reversing switch can be made as short as possible which will prevent power loss due to long wire runs.

Our battery chargers are designed to be plugged into the vehicle when charging, and unplugged from the vehicle when the charging cycle is complete. They are not designed to be permanently wired to the battery pack. On most electric go karts the battery charger is not mounted to the go kart, however the charger could be mounted to the go kart as long as its output plug was left on it to be connected to the battery pack's charging port when charging and disconnected when not charging.

The battery has not been plugged in so I probably need a new one. 

I was hoping to have a charger with a plug-in that I could mount on the cart.  When I want to charge the battery, I plug the charger into the cart mounted plug and unplug the charger when charge is complete.  Is there a gauge that tells you when the charge is complete?  

All of our battery chargers have lights that turn from red to green when the charge is complete to let you know that the battery pack has been recharged. When the light turn green the battery charger goes into standby mode so it does not overcharge the battery pack. Any of our battery chargers could be mounted to the cart as long as they were unplugged or disconnected from the battery pack when the charge was complete. Connection and disconnection of the battery charger from the battery pack could also be performed manually with a switch, or automatically with a 120 VAC relay that was wired to turn on when the battery charger was plugged in.

We have Volt meters that show the Voltage of the battery pack so the rider will know when the it is getting low. They are sold on this page:

How about MET-120V (Red)  I will mount it on the dashboard.

MET-120V-RED is a great choice and we can add that to the kit. a 36 Volt 12Ah battery pack should provide around a half hour run time at full throttle on flat ground. If you would like a longer run time then we can make the kit with larger batteries.

Here is a list of parts that I have in mind for the kit:

  • 3 qty. 12V 12Ah batteries (can also upgrade to 15Ah or higher if you want a longer ride time).
  • 1 qty. HNS-106 36 Volt battery pack wiring harness.
  • 1 qty. FUS-ATO40 ATO fuse.
  • 1 qty. CHR-36V1.6AXLR 36 Volt 1.6 Amp battery charger with XLR plug.
  • 1 qty. CNX-XLR05 XLR charger port.
  • 1 qty. SPD-CT660B9 36 Volt 1000 Watt speed controller.
  • 1 qty. THR-89 premium foot throttle.
  • 1 qty. SWT-100 Toggle switch.
  • 1 qty. SWT-175 reverse switch.
  • 1 qty. MET-120V-RED Volt meter.

How does this list of parts look to you?

Upgrade batteries to 15 Ah, When we are ready to go, I assume I need to call or email you my credit card info.

You got it, I will include three 15Ah batteries with the kit. When I have the kit ready I will post the item number of it and a link to purchase it here in this forum so you can purchase it online. You may also call us to purchase it if you prefer.

Since this is a custom made kit the wire lengths between the individual parts can be selected on the kit's order page.

I currently have the batteries located in the front of the kart.  I can move them to the back of the kart, next to the motor.  See attached sketches.


Electrically speaking it would be better to have the controller and batteries in the front of the kart because then the wires between the reverse switch and controller, and battery pack and controller, would be shorter and have less power loss. Also the battery meter, power switch, and charger port wires would be shorter with the controller in the front of the kart. If it were my project I would put the controller in the front of the kart to keep all of these wires shorter. The batteries would be best in front of the kart to keep the wires between them and the controller shorter however they could also be put in back of the kart if you prefer and we could make the battery to controller wires longer. We have plenty of wire here and can make the wires any length that you need.

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