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Locate speed limiter wire on Davinci e scooter

Hi, just learning about e scooters. I took some pics of the 3 connections. There are two singles to each other. 1. Green and white striped to each other. 2. 2 Grey's to each other. Double wire is 2 grays connected to a black wire and green&white striped. Then there is a Brown wire already cut and just taped together. I took a pic of the controller too. It says 2010, but when I check the vin# . it's says the scooter is a 08. Any help with this would be appreciated. Cheers.
Every speed limiter wire that I have seen on a controller has been a single wire connected together that can be plugged together or unplugged like the gray to gray, or brown to brown wires in your photo.

To test which wires it is simply disconnect them one at a time and see if the scooter's top speed decreases or increases, then you will know that you found the right wire.
Hey, thanks for the help. I thought about that. That's what I will do. I just got this scooter and do you know if and where I could find an owners manual? Or just get help on forums such as This? This is really generous of people to help each other out. Time is money. I'm sure I will have questions in the future . cheers.

We do not have any Davinci electric scooter owners manuals on our website or in our shop and with a Google search I could not locate any online. I recommend contacting Davinci Electric and asking if they have any owners manual available for their scooters. Here is a link to their contact us page:

If you do wind up tracking down a copy of a Davinci electric scooter owners manual it would be fantastic if you could attach a copy of it or paste a link to it here on this forum so other people who need it will have an easier time finding it.

Please let us know how it goes with testing for the speed limiter wire on the controller.

I will for sure, thanks bro.

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