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Razor Ground Force 500watt, 36 volt upgrade parts list?

Can you provide a parts list for a 500 watt, 36 volt upgrade?  Thanks!

Motor, controller, batteries and charger needed.


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Yes that is no problem I can make parts list or even a kit out of the parts.

Most people who upgrade their Razor Ground Force go kart to 36 Volts use a 24 Volt motor so it will spin faster than the original motor for a faster top speed. If you want the kart to go faster and have more power than it does now then a 24 Volt motor would be the best one to use, however if you want the kart to go the same speed as it does now but have more power then a 36 Volt motor is the best one to use.

The parts needed are different depending on whether a 24 Volt or 36 Volt motor are used. Do you want a 36 Volt upgrade parts list for a build with a 24 Volt motor or 36 Volt motor?
24 volt then is the way to go. Can you give me the parts list for this? Thanks!

Here is the parts list:

If you use the heavy-duty SPD-361000 controller then a heavy-duty power switch or contactor will need to be installed between it and the battery pack. Here are item numbers for these parts:

The MOT-24500X2500 and MOT-24500X2500B listed above are 4-1/4" wide x 5-1/2" long excluding shaft, and 6-1/2" long including shaft. I have not installed this motor on a Ground Force go kart before so I recommend to confirm that it will fit before ordering.

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