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Adapting a sand cart kit to a vendor cart / vendor wagon.

Hi I am adding a power assist to a vendor cart/wagon.

The cart has 20" wheels and a live axle.  I plan to connect your motor via the sprocket and bicycle chains you include with your kits.  

I started by looking at this kit KIT-328:

I have a few newbie questions.

Will a drive sprocket with incorporated freewheel cause a problem when I am using human power to back up the cart?

When i enter the teeth configurations and the wheel size into your gear ratio/speed calculator I get 5.5 mph as the top speed.  

Can I electronically limit this with your control unit?  

Will this approach cause excessive ware on the motor or excessive drain on the batteries?

Thanks for the help, Mark

When the motor is ran through a sprocket and freewheel to the axle then the cart can be pushed without the motor spinning, exactly the same way that a bicycle can be pushed or coasted without the pedals rotating.

The control unit which comprises of a speed controller and throttle allows the speed of the motor to be controlled from full stop to full speed and anywhere in between, it provides 100% variable speed control just like the accelerator pedal on a car does.

Running the motor at any speed that is slower than its top speed will allow the motor to run cooler and last longer than if ran at full speed, and the batteries will also last longer and provide more run time if the motor is being ran at a slower than top speed. However running the motor at full speed will not hurt anything or cause the motor or batteries to wear out excessively fast.

We can modify existing kits or build a new kit to your exact needs such as with an axle adapter for a different size axle, different size sprocket, different size batteries or throttle, etc. Here are four different versions of KIT-328 that we have modified for our customers so far;

Please let us know if you have any further questions or would like any modification made our kits.

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