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old go kart conversion

hi i have an old gokart that has two seperate motors for the rear wheels, i am looking to convert it to a single motor, but am going to require everything from rear axle and supports to all controllers and battery, i dont need anything powerful as it is a little kids go kart. any chance you guys can help on what I'll need
For a 5 mph top speed a 24 tooth wheel sprocket would be needed. We can get a 24 tooth sprocket however it would need to be custom machined to fit the AZ1027 wheel. If you would like I could check with our machine shop and get a price quote for this?
this would be awessome if you could do that thanks.
have you got a price back yet?
I sent MFG Supply an email on October 6th asking if their AZ1027 wheel has 5/16" OD or 3/8" OD sprocket mounting bolts and have not received a reply yet. I wanted to give the machine shop exact specifications for the sprocket before requesting a quote. I will send MFG another email regarding the bolt diameter and I will also check with the machine shop because the size of the bolt hole will not affect the price of the sprocket.

I will keep you updated on the progress of these inquiries.
thanks for letting me know 

The machine shop says that the mounting holes needed for a sprocket to fit onto the AZ1027 wheel are too wide to fit onto a 24 tooth sprocket and that we would need to use a 27 tooth sprocket instead.

I ran some gear ratio calculations with a 27 tooth sprocket and three different motors. Here they are.


Do you think that a 27 tooth wheel sprocket and one of the motors shown above work for your project?

yep i would say the middle one would be perfect.
have mfg gotten back to you??
hey guys i am still keen to get these parts......can you please get back to me??
Sorry for the late reply I have been away for a while due to the holiday. I did find out the bolt spacing and bolt diameter for the AZ1027 wheel however I had a problem with the machine shop because I asked for a price quote and instead of receiving a price quote I received a sprocket that was not to my specifications. The sprocket I received has bolt holes that are machined using adjacent bolt hole spacing instead of bolt hole circle spacing as I had specified, so they are too far apart to fit onto the wheel. The  sprocket is also not machined down to 1/8" wide at the teeth area as I had specified. So the sprocket I received will not fit the AZ1027 rim or #410 chain. I could start over with them however I just don't know if it is worth it. At this point it might be best for you to purchase the sprocket as it is and have it machined at a local machine shop so that we can get this project moving along. Do you have a local machine shop that can machine the sprocket?
yes i should be able to get that done here.
Okay that sounds good. I will start working on the kit and post it here when it is ready.

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