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Adding electric power to a wagon

I have attached pictures of the small wagon that I want to power with an electric motor.  It is 40"X20" with wheels that are (4.10 / 3.50 tires) 10" diameter. It does not have axels that go across the width of the wagon. Instead short axels are mounted on "U" brackets which make up the frame of the wagon. I use the wagon the haul my telescope and accessories from my home about 125' to a viewing spot.  The problem is that it is 10 to 15' lower then my house.  It goes over some bumpy spots but the wagon wheels handle those without any problem. However, the hill is the problem,after a night of observing it is very hard to pull it up. I do not need to go any faster than a slow walk and for a very short distance. I estimate the weight of the wagon loaded to be approximately 75 lbs.

I don't know if the lack of through axels is an issue but believe I could devise an axel of the normal type, the current one is 5/8" diameter.  Another issue is that the wheels have two sets of wheel bearings per wheel. I guess a drive sprocket would have to be attached to the wheel itself.  I hope I have provided sufficient info if not please let me know.

I would like them to be 4" since I am not sure of exactly how they will go on the wagon. I am going to order the kit today.

BY THE WAY that is four feet not four inches.

Please let me know when you have completed the kit with this reverse switch so I may order it.


I updated the kit to have a reversing controller and a handlebar mount reverse switch. Here is a link to the updated kit:


The wires between the batteries and controller are around 16" long without requesting longer wires. I presume that the batteries and controller will be fairly close to each other, and the four feet of wire will need to be between the controller and motor, so that is the way that I wrote up the kit. However if you need four feet of wire between the batteries and controller, and another four feet of wire between the controller and motor then please let me know and I will update the kit accordingly.

The throttle and reverse switch have 65 inches of wire between them and the controller.

Please let me know if you would like any further changes made to the kit.

Is there an easy way to shorten the chain without buying a special tool?

The chain can be shortened with a hammer and a pin punch that has a tip which is a little smaller than the chain's pin. Here is a video showing how to break a roller chain with these tools. The video shows starting the job with a prick punch which is the best way however I have been able to remove the chain pin using only a pin punch.

HI, Your kit is excellent, however, I have a problem in that with only one wheel powered it slips going up the hill in leaves etc..I have ordered a different tire with a much courser tread and also want to add power to the other back wheel.  My question is if there is a way to "freeze" the bearings in the wheels so that the powered wheel can turn an axel and power both wheels.  In another post you mentioned a live axel adapter.  I am not sure what that is  but it sounds like it might be what I need.  If you can refer me to that or to some other way to solve this problem I would appreciate it.

I have heard of a large steel washer that has an interior diameter which is the same size as the axle being welded to the the axle and wheel hub to bypass the bearing and connect the wheel directly to the axle. If the axle is free to rotate then that might be an easy solution to get power to both of the wheels. The live axle adapter that I mentioned in a different post is for attaching a sprocket directly to an axle. If you have a sprocket already attached to a wheel then that wheel could turn the axle though so a live axle adapter would not be needed.

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