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 Hi there, I have upgraded an old Bladez ex350 scooter to a 48V 1000W motor and controller.  Im looking for more gearing options.  The torque is crazy awesome on this scooter now.  Problem is top end speed.  It will pull me up a 20 degree grade hill at 15 mph but tops out around 15 mph on level ground also.  Current gearing is 11/70 for a gear ratio of 6.4 .  The motor is a ZY1020 using a #25 11T sprocket.  The wheel sprocket is the stock bladez 70T sprocket.   The bearings that I replaced are 10x26x8.  Here are some pics.  I believe the #25 13T Dual bore motor sprocket you have will fit.  The ID motor sprocket is 10mm.  However for the wheel sprocket its hard to get an accurate ID on that.  Here are some pics of the setup.  Looking for a wheel sprocket around 50T.  Nor sure if the holes will line up.  The wheels are the stock bladez 350 wheels.  I think that the BladeZ is not a standard size wheel sprocket from what I can find.  In summary, where can I find a wheel sprocket to fit a 200-75 bladez tire and wheel?  Does anyone sell a bigger 15T-25T motor sprocket for a ZY1020 motor?

more pics

I have never seen a sprocket for a ZY1020 or MY1020 motor larger than 13 teeth. The 70 tooth wheel sprocket in your photos is a very unique part and only used on Bladez scooters and other scooters made in the same factory during the same years. I do not know of any other wheel sprockets with the same ID and bolt hole spacing that are a different size than 70 teeth.

We can make a wheel sprocket to your exact specifications. Here is a link to our custom-made sprockets page:

Thanks for the advise.  Do you guys sell a wheel and wheel sprocket for a #25 chain in the 8 inch tire range?  I see you have some 250-50.  Mine are 250-75 so that would fit the scooter.  I appreciate your advice.  I need to gear up to get some speed.  Im assuming it would be cheaper to buy another standard type 8 inch wheel and tire to get a standard wheel sprocket to fit them. 


I checked and we do have a complete rear wheel with 200x50 (8" x 2") tire for the Razor E200 electric scooter that has a 55 tooth sprocket on it. We have a 47 tooth sprocket item number SPR-2547 that fits this wheel. The wheel is our item number WHL-237 and is available on this page:

Please let us know if you have any questions.
I finally have all the components working and in order.  Im using a 48V 1500W 4800RPM Brushless Motor and Brushless Controller.  However the brushless controller is  a few inches bigger than the brushed one. Where would be the best place to mount it.  If I mount it in the deck, Ill have to raise the deck plate since the controller will stick up about 2 inches high.  Any good suggestions?  Not enough room to mount it under the motor plate. 


How about mounting the controller behind the motor and above the rear wheel?
Thats a good idea, do you guys sell brackets or a rack to mount it to the frame?  Maybe even a storage or battery box.  Cant find anything like that on your site.   Thanks.


We do not sell any parts like that. I would check out a hardware store for brackets to mount the controller to the frame. They should have Simpson Strong-Tie brackets which come in many different shapes and sizes. A hardware store will also have storage boxes that might work for the project.

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