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What kit do you have that I can power a wagon to haul up to 750 lbs. Walking speed 4mph. Plenty of torque
Edit: 1000 lbs. And freewheel.
A kit similar to KIT-150 would be able to power a 1000 pound wagon at 4 miles per hour. It would have enough torque for moderate hills. If it needs to be able to go up steeper hills then a second motor could be added to the kit which would double the power.

Usually when I make a custom kit for a project like yours the first thing I need to do is figure out the gear ratio and what size sprockets are needed to obtain the desired top speed, then I can see if we have those size sprockets in stock or can special order them so I can make the kit. All I need to run the gear ratio calculation is the diameter of the tire that the wagon will have. Do you happen to know what size tires the wagon has now, or will have when it is finished?
Only 600 watts? Additionally, I am more Interested in transaxle, no chains or sprockets.

 We do not carry gear motors over 600 Watts or transaxles. I recommend contacting golf cart part stores as they would carry the type of parts that you are looking for.

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