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Razor e300 chain/sprocket help

Hey guys, looking at putting a 500w 24v motor on the e300. I'm looking for an increase in top speed.can anyone advise me on chain and sizes for sprockets please. Thanks in advance. Paul.

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The Razor E300 scooter's original 55 tooth wheel sprocket for #25 chain is the smallest available sprocket size for #25 chain that fits the E300 scooter. We have a 13 tooth motor sprocket for #25 chain that could replace the 500 Watt motor's original 11 tooth sprocket however that would only increase the top speed by 2.5 Miles per hour. For a more significant increase in top speed we have 8mm sprockets and chain that could be installed on the E300 scooter's motor and wheel.

Our item # SPR-844 is a 44 tooth sprocket for 8mm chain that will fit the Razor E300 scooter, and we have a 10, 11, and 13 tooth sprocket for 8mm chain that will fit most 24 Volt 500 Watt motors. So you could change the reduction ratio quite a bit if you switched over from a #25 chain to an 8mm chain. These 8mm sprockets are sold on this page:

Our 8mm chain is sold on this page:

With these 8mm chain sprockets and a 500 Watt 2500 RPM motor the E300 scooter could be geared to go anywhere from 17 MPH to 22 MPH depending on the size of motor sprocket that is used.

Here is the gear ratio calculation with a 13 tooth motor sprocket and 44 tooth wheel sprocket.


A 22 MPH top speed for a 500 Watt motor is pushing its limits as far as how much power it has so I would only recommend this reduction ratio if the scooter will only be used on flat and paved ground. If the scooter will be used to go up any grades or hills then I recommend a lower reduction ratio by using a 10 or 11 tooth sprocket on the motor.

Here is the gear ratio calculation with a 10 tooth motor sprocket.


And with an 11 tooth motor sprocket.


Please let us know if you have any questions.

I have a 11 teeth motor 800w 36v 8mm sprocket, I changed it from a 12. And a 54 teeth on the back . It was a razor e200 standard with a 10 teeth 6mm sprocket motor . & a 52 teeth back sprocket I think on the back . . With a 24v 250w motor . With this new set up can u work out the mph for me. Standard it was about 11 mph . Or do u have the app so I can work it out. .
Here is the calculator Jamie. Hope this helps mate.
Most 36 Volt 800 Watt electric scooter motors are rated for 3000 rpm under load. If your motor is rated for 3000 rpm then the top speed of it when used on a Razor E200 scooter with 200x50 (8" OD) tires and a 12 tooth motor sprocket and 54 tooth wheel sprocket would be around 16 miles per hour. Here is the calculation:


Thank u for sending me the link .
I had hoped of getting 20mph out of it . Changing the 250w motor and 24v to a 800w 36v system I had hoped it would of given me more . It duz 11mph now standard . But it slows on hills with this new set up will it have more power on the hills . I would go for the razor e300 wheel but there is no room to fit it, unless I take the brake off lol . Joke
Hi u halo me find a back sprocket for my razor e200 witch was a 8mm sprocket 44 teeth . Witch I have payed for and ordered . But I am looking for a 6mm back sprocket as well, as I am not fitting the 800w moter yet . I am keeping it stand at at the mo witch is 200w 24v razerE200 but at the mo it's got a 54 teeth back sprocket and use a 6mmz can u find me the code to a 44or 40 something anything less then the standard 54 teeth one . Like the one u sent me the 8mm one witch has a 30mm centre hole & 33mm between the 3 fixing holes . But this one needs to be 6mm but the same size hold to fit . Iv been told u do a 47 teeth one witch will be fine . But as I ordered two of the same lol . I payed for two 8mm sprocket by mistak . So Iv been asked by your sale team to send the code so they can send the right ones . So I no one was code spr 844b . So I payed for that one but I need the code for the 6mm one that will fit it must have the same 30mm centre hole & 33mm between the 3 fixing holes . Please can u help so I can get this order sent to me as its on hold at the mo . Thank u
Can u also tell me the pic I put up the second pic it looks like it's made so u can take the motor sprocket off and then the other one gos on to it and u do it up by using the two bults do it up is that right
(225 KB)
(176 KB)
I now need a back sprocket to fit my razor e200 version 36 witch is I think a 6mm or can it be could #25 chain is that right . U sorted out for me the 8mm 44 teeth back sprocket for my 800w 36v motor. Code was spr 844b. but I need the code for a 6mm sprocket 44or 47 teeth don't mind . The standard one is 54 so I think a 44or 47 will make a big change in speed . Plus it may give me the power I need so I don't have to fit the 800w motor , & then change all the bits over as fitting the motor will take a lot of work . I can keep it standard 250w moter 10 teeth sprocket on the moter and put a 47 teeth back sprocket on to it . So please can u find me the right code so I can let your sled team no . As at the mo my order is on hold .
The sprockets in the second image have setscrews that hold them onto the shaft.

Razor scooters use #25 chain. I have not heard of 6mm chain being used on electric scooters and we do not have any sprockets for 6mm chain. We have a 47 tooth sprocket for #25 chain available that will replace the Razor E200 scooter's original wheel sprocket, it is our item # SPR-2547.
His again with the razor e200 now I no the chai is called #25 snd not a 6mm . I see u have sprocket for them as will the motor sprocket . Would the spr 2513c 13 teeth fit my standard e200 razor version 36 . As that will make a big difference . Going for a 10 to a13 . & 47 on the back sprocket . Colud save ma a lot of work . P.s why use the 36v 800w motor will it just give me more powe up hills . Plus going 36v from 24 will I see a big difference in power ,. I think u can see wear I am going with this . I can just Chang the gearing and I could be doing 15/17 mph . With out swoping it to 800w and a lot of work . Making it 36v is no problem so shod I still do that , and the if the front sprocket works fine I csn get a 350 W 36 v motor so it's not overvoluting . Please let me no what u think . Or if the code is wrong for the front sprocket shod I go for the one that u push on then do up with allenkeys
Witch one will fit my razor e200 motor 250 with a #25 chain . But it's 10 teeth standard so sm looking for 13/14/15 if possible . Plus can I send me the code that will fit do I csn pay for that as will X good I am getting a lot of things from u now . Lol . But yes I sm now I need of a sprocket for moter for my 250 w but as much teeth as poss . With the 47 back sprocket this could fly , But please tell me shod I go 36 v what the difference in 24/36v
Would any of them fit The 14 or 15 teeth would be cool . And that meens I don't have to try and mount the 800w motor as with this gearing it will be faster . But sill no no wether to go 36v . Not to sure the diff between 24v and 36 . Must me long traveling time is that it
For got to add pic Will they fit my 250w standed motor
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