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Lightest Scooter in world (no brand) brushless motor.

Hi I am totally new to this world of electric scooters. This one I have just weeks ago got in from Japan is mainly Carbon fiber, running on Lithium Li-ion batteries, Samsung SDI 18650 250w 8.8Ah. I have found a description when purchasing saying there are 28 batteries about the size of AA batteries in the stem handlebar Collum. The motor is brushless German wheel hub technology. And I can get 15 mph in 3rd gear. Will run consistently with me on it for 10 miles off one charge. Now what I need is more torque, I want the scooter for a skate park half pipe, so what I need is to upgrade the batteries and the motor to give me more power and ofcourse more speed. I need at least 28 mph, and I need the torque acceleration to put out 1/3 more. I figure a 450w motor will be perfect, to take me up the half pipe wall. I have spoken to companies localy and they said they only work on wheelchairs lol... And children's scooters. This scooter I have is adults only as balance is much more to understand on this. The electronic breaking system works great. And charges me back up every time I slow down or stop with it. So can we begin with identifying parts? Motor and batteries. I can send you photos or videos if need be. I paid 60% less from a broker in China, but these are also available with a brand for sale at $1000 more or less. Tires also are of make RISINGSUN and are 5.5x2z The whole scooter weighs 6.5kg. Davie
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For a 28 mph top speed there will be a lot of drag from the rider being pushed through the air that the motor has to overcome. To obtain a 28 mph speed, a motor with at least 750 Watts would be needed. A 450 Watt motor should be good for maximum speeds up to around 20 mph on flat ground.

A 450 Watt or 750 Watt wheel with hub motor would be much larger in size than the scooter's current 5.5" wheel motor and would not fit onto that small of a scooter.


I am taking this motor already up hills of 35 degrees, with no drag problem. This technology LITERALY is effortless on the strain of the motor. Interpole have already tried to ban it from Europe. Because it is dangerously fast. The acceleration is pretty fantastic and torques a good pull on my weight, bearing load max 125kg. I weigh 50kg. The wheel hub you have shown me is not of standard to what I need. may have to contact he firm in Japan directly. They have a 450w motor ready available but communicating with them is so hard and timely because of dielect in translation. The batteries... It is more wise for me to try to purchase more power and torque from the batteries. Leaving me at 15mph max speed. The motor I am looking for is 450w and has been made specially for this scooter. And is the exact same size. I am looking at the wheel in the photo you sent and it looks like a brush motor,, and looks like old technology. I'm happy to have this conversation to understand more. The Paramiter settings are all accessible digitally. Davie
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It's actually mental.
This is similar technology, brushless and will not burn out the motor at all...
The charger I have fits in my back pocket. I notice al the other scooters the Chargers a large bulky and heavy. I will keep this thread up to date ASAP...
I am baffled.
It sounds like you are definitely on the right track to find a direct fitting plug-and-play replacement motor with more power by going through the manufacturer of the scooter. From what I can tell it looks to be a proprietary hub motor that might only be obtainable through the manufacturer or their distributors.

Before purchasing their 450 Watt wheel motor I recommend to confirm with the manufacturer if the scooter's existing controller and battery pack are capable of being used with their 450 Watt motor, as battery packs and controllers which are made for a 250 Watt motor are usually not compatible with a more powerful motor and would need to be upgraded at the same time as the motor.

Please let us know how it goes.

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