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Razor e125 increase speed module, sprocket, throttle

I want to increase speed of this model. Is it possible ?


what is the better way ?


Speed controller is difficult to bypass (two relay on board), throttle output seem to have the same output for all model. Does it have a place where i can download plan for the speed controller ?


I will change the motor sprocket 9 tooth for a 10 tooth. I know that the impact is that the torque will decrease. With more power (just a little more), i think that it will be ok.

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Increasing the motor sprocket size from 9 to 10 teeth will provide a 10% higher gear ratio and increase the top speed by 10% if the motor is powerful enough to obtain that speed.

All of the chain drive Razor E125 electric scooters have a single speed throttle which activates a relay on the controller to give the motor full power from the battery pack once the scooter is pushed and throttle is engaged. Due to this design these is no way to provide the motor with more power from the battery pack than it is already getting. The only way to make the motor faster is to overvolt it to 36 Volts which will significantly increase its power and speed however will also make it run hotter than it is designed to if the scooter is used to the point where the motor overheats.

Increasing the size of the motor sprocket is a good point to start from and see what kind of effect it has on the top speed.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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