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GoBowen ATV Upgrade

Hi, I currently have a GoBowen ATV 24V 350W and looking to make some modifications/upgrade to increase tork and possibly a bit more speed(not as important if it creates a lot more mods) Is there a 24V solution or should i look into a 36V 750W solution?

You could bolt on one of the 24V 450W motor/gear reduction combos.  I think it is rated at 450W with 24V and 600W at 36V.

36 Volt 600 Watt MY1020Z Gear Reduction Electric Motor with 10 Tooth Chain Sprocket and Bracket.  I am considering this option myself, since I was trying to splice a 750W Currie motor to the reduction gearbox.  However, the stock motor has the pinion machined into the motor shaft, plus the Currie motor shaft isn't long enough to copy the machining on the motor shaft (plus not worth the trouble). 

Finished the upgrade.  Decided to go with 800w 36v MY1020 motor, 11 tooth motor gear & 90 tooth axle gear #25H.  Changed the speed controller to 36 and added an extra battery.  Works great, gained a bit a speed but lots of torque.  It has no problems going up grass hills with my 12 year old (it actually can carry me up the same hill @ 220 lbs).  A bit more involved project than i was hoping for but the results are great.

Great to hear that the upgrade was successful. Using a MY1020 motor without a gearbox must have made the ATV quieter than it was with the original motor that had a gearbox. I am not sure why we did not see your posting back in November, it must have gotten buried under a lot of other postings that month. I apologize that we did not reply earlier than now.

hello I am interested in doing the same upgrade to my daughters Go-bowen Sonora 24 Volt 350 Watt pink cameo ATV. I would like to upgrade it to the 800w 36v electric motor. You mentioned that you changed the axle gear to 90 tooth. WHere did you get that part. I know I have to change the controller to 36v where can I get that too? Then just need to purchase another battery. If you can help me out in anyway to compete this project I would appreciate it. This is my first attempt to modify something like this so learning as I go. I also have a Razor MX 650 that I changed the panels on it plus put front and rear lights to make it look like a endure. If I can upgrade this one I might change the razor to a 800w motor too. Its already 36v controller so that should be a easy swap.


Here is my Razor MX 650

We carry the 90 tooth sprocket for #25 chain which is our item # SPR-2590 on this page:

The 90 tooth sprocket is not bolt-and-go for the Go-Bowen ATV and requires custom installation most likely involving bolting it onto the existing sprocket.

We carry 36 Volt 800 Watt controllers on this page:

When making a battery pack all of the batteries in the pack need to be the same brand, age, and specifications. Mixing different brands, ages, or specifications of batteries together can cause the battery Voltages to become unequalized causing overcharging and undercharging of the individual batteries which gets worse over time and damages the batteries. For experimental purposes, a new 12 Volt battery could be added to a used 24 Volt battery pack to make a 36 Volt pack, however, this type of battery pack should not be expected to last very long.

Regarding the MX650, its controller limits the amount of power that the motor receives. So installing a motor with a higher Watts rating will not lead to an increase in power unless a new controller with a higher Amp limit is installed along with the new motor.

If you are interested in significantly increasing the speed and power of the MX650 then we have 48 Volt 1800 Watt modification kits available for it on this page:

Wow 1800w for the Mx ? I thought you had to make major mods with Welding to do that ? If not I am very I am very interested in this set up . My original plan was to up grade the Mx to 800w and take the 650 motor and put it in the Sonora atv . But making my Mx 1800w and still making the atv 650w

OK after reading all of this I have now rethought things and have a few questions on my Idea. First off I am really interested in the 1800w kit for my MX650. Since I will almost be spending the cost of the bike on the upgrade, do you have any video or specs on how fast the bike will be with these mods. I am thinking the bike being in the 30 mph range on the street. ANd I am sure the torque will be much better to push my 180 lbs up hill. Before I spend this kind of money I really want to see how the bike will perform with these mods. Before I knew about  this kit everyone was saying to get 1000w motor to fit you needed to weld and cut the frame which I was not going to do to my newer MX650. So if you can guide me to anything visual  on this mod I  would appreciate it.

Now my second Idea is using the 650w 36v razor motor with its controller and putting it in my daughters go-bowen Sonora atv. Is there any kits available for the go bowen atv? The atv itself is great but looking to get more HP out of it so my daughter can use it a few more years and before she starts stealing my MX!!!  If no kits available is it possible to put my MX650 motor and controller in the go-bowen ATV? If so then this kit even makes  more sense using the two bikes I already have and making them quicker and more useful for the trails behind my house and street riding around town. MY MX is buildt to look and act like a endure. So I can even ride down the street with it and connect to other trails around town especially with a 1600w motor!!! Please advice this novice electric bike rider. 

The 48 Volt 1800 MX650 modification kits were added to our site only a few weeks ago so we do not have any videos of them yet, however, we expect to have a detailed video showing the installation process and test rides this spring. We worked closely with our first customer who installed the kit and he used a smartphone with GPS speedometer to figure out the top speed of the kit and got a reading of 31 MPH on flat ground.

Installing the 48V 1800W kit onto the MX650 only requires two minor modifications to the frame which are cutting one small metal tab off the bike's frame so the new motor's power cord does not hit it, and drilling one 1/4" hole into the inside of the frame for the one of the motor's bolt heads to fit inside. Then its just a matter of mounting the batteries and controller, and installing the throttle. On newer version MX650 bikes that have the third battery mounted on top of the two lower batteries using a steel bracket the batteries will fit inside of the plastic side covers without having to modify them. However, on older versions of the MX650 that have the third battery mounted on top of a steel bar that is welded into the frame, a small notch needs to be cut out of one corner of the plastic side covers for the corner of one of the top batteries to poke through.

As long as there is enough room for them to fit then I do not see any reason why the MX650's original motor and controller could not be retrofitted onto the Go Bowen ATV.

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