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Crazy kart gen1

I'm looking to hop up the cart a little bit. Do I have to upgrade the batteries or can I use the stock ones. What exactly is it I need to get a little more power out of it. Thanks for any replys John

Are you looking for more torque and the same top speed, or a faster top speed?

Looking for a little more top speed but if theres a motor swap I'd rather have more torque. But I don't want to loose too much battery life. I do have to buy a battery since ours is dead so Mabe you have a good recommendation on A battery too. Thanks for the reply. John
The original 55 tooth wheel sprocket could be replaced with a 47 tooth sprocket item # SPR-2547 which would give it a little more top speed and not affect the battery life too much. The chain would need to be shortened a little with the 47 tooth sprocket.

We have more powerful motors and controllers that could be installed on the Crazy Cart however they would require custom installation and fitting. A more powerful motor would also reduce the battery life if the same size of battery pack was used. The Crazy Cart has fairly small 5Ah batteries so if you could find or make room to mount larger batteries the ride time could be significantly increased.

Please let us know if you have any questions.
Hello I'm having a problem with my crazy cart the power light goes on , but no movement when pressing the gas. Any suggestions?

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