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Modify a Razor E200 Controller

Will this work if u take the controller apart on utube they say u can put a wire across it to make it give u full power . U can use a wire or a bit of solder . To bridge it across . There is a lot of utube saying it works and by doing this on 24 v it give Les u a lot more power to the motor . Whether by doing that u can put 36v . But on 24v it's meant to make more power . I have order a new controller but this will be the last one that I buying as from what Iv been told Iv blown the others up , but they r doing the same as This new one I get yesterday and it's still doing the same . So now I am thinking I did not blow the others up they r just doing the same . Please help me. Y duz it start to run the motor as soon as I turn. Iv got it all right with the power lead going in last. So what is going on. Iv contacted the man I got the Controller from , & he will not give me a refund & now had told me to stop emailing him as he will not help me sort this . So I have turned to the scooter gods to find out y it's blowing up 4 Controller
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I had to delete a couple of profane words in your last reply. This is a public forum and there are most likely children who read it, so this is not a good place to use profanity. Could I kindly and respectfully ask you to please not use any further profanity in this forum?

Also and without meaning any disrespect I would like to let you know that asking multiple question in multiple replies makes my job of answering the questions quite difficult. If you could please ask only one or two questions in one reply, and then wait for an answer before asking more questions, that would help me to understand and properly answer your questions, and also help you to get higher quality answers to your questions.

That being said, let me see if I can answer as many questions as possible in regards to your last five replies.

Q: "Could I of blow the 36 v twist grip is or not ."

A: A twist throttle with 36V indicator could be damaged by wiring it incorrectly to the controller. However in your case I understand that controllers run at full speed with the throttle disconnected, and that indicates a problem with the controller and not the throttle.

Q: "Is the much diff between 24/36v as in will it make it go more miles . Or just faster"

A: When overvolting from 24V to 36V the result is usually more power and speed, and less range (less miles).

Q: "Do u think if I ran it on 36 v with this 350w 24v motor witch is new . Would it not last long"

A: I would not expect it to last very long. It will run hot at 36 Volts which will eventually damage the motor.

Q: "Can u get a 12 or 13 teeth front motor (ZY1016 / 350w 24v). I think they r a D shape is that right "

A: Most ZY1016 motors have a 7mm x 8mm D-shaped shaft where the sprocket mounts. The biggest sprocket we have for this size and shape of motor shaft is 11 teeth.

Q: "Also is this right no mater what motor I put into it I.e 350w 500w 800w 1000w as its got 8" wheels and as long as I go to to the lowest sprocket on the back & big on front there is only a set speed it will go . Don't get me wrong yes the 800w will get u up hills with out slowing down at all . But am I right in that as long as the gearing is right a 350w motor with 47 back and 11 or say 13 on the front will go faster then a 800w motor running on a 55 back sprocket & 11 or 12 on front . Is that right . Ok I no on the t8f sprockets u can get a 44 teeth back as I got one from u . But have I got that right . I could get this 350w 24v going faster then a 800w as long as I can get a 12/13 front sprocket ."

A: It is common for motors with different Watt (power) ratings to have different RPM ratings, so a 350W motor might run under load at 2500 RPM and an 800W motor at 3000 RPM. So with the same gearing the 3000 RPM motor would provide a faster top speed than the 2500 RPM motor. With a gear ratio that the 350W motor can provide a certain top speed at without lugging, an 800W motor could provide around the same top speed, or a little faster, with the same gear ratio. However with a higher gear ratio the 800W motor could provide a significantly higher top speed than the 350W motor could ever provide even with the higher gear ratio, because the 350W motor would lug and run slow with the higher gear ratio and the 800W motor would not.

Regarding the (four) 36V 800W controllers which do not work and run the motor at full speed all of the time. These controllers in your photos are high quality controllers made by YiYun and it has been our experience that they have a very low factory defect rate. The chance of receiving four of these controllers in a row with factory defects is unlikely. These controller are 100% unforgiving to incorrect wiring though, and one simple wiring mistake can burn them out or cause them to lock into the on power state. Cutting the wires between the controller and its connectors as shown in your photos is not recommended because it can lead to the loss of identification of the wires. We recommend to leave all of the original connectors on the controller and to use mating connectors to attach the wires to the controller. That way the identification of wire's functions will remain in place without any chance of error which could cause catastrophic damage to the controller.

Did these 36V 800W controller run for a little while before they locked into the on power state, or did they lock into the on power state immediately after installing them?

I don't think it did go into power on mode . I will wire it up again when I got the time . But I no what your saying about cutting the wires. I cut the blue & red one so I could make them longer plus put female ends to them as it gos to the on off switch. I fill like I have done it all right . I will try again with the 36v 800w controller one more time. If it don't work I take pic of putting it to on and post them. If it don't work I will stay with the standard controller and run that switch u showed me how to do . It was mad using it at 36v , sham the controll will not start on 36v it just clicks. U have to run it on 24v then switch it to 36v as your going along . But good fun .till the battrys went dead lol. So for now back to 24v till I get a 12v charger to charge the other Battery . I do have a 36v charger but got to get a 12v one now. So with the controller if the motor spins the controll is no good and it's best to bin it . If the last one do t spin the moter ther is hope for it and I get back to u . p.s Can I just say sorry for the bad words I may if used. Will not happen again . The controllers r not cheep as u no & this it's getting to the point of mad . If I do get one more new one I will go by pic by pic and send it to u as I go . But I live I. The U.K. So what time is best to do this with u . I would be lost with out u , this is the best site ever for scooters keep up the good work .
Making the bit of metal to make it take more works . 100% . Just wished I could get it to start on 36v . But put the jump wire across makes a difference .
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