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Convert mobility scooter to "street" scooter

Hi, I have an old Golden Companion 4-wheel scooter.  I'd like to convert it to run like a "street" scooter, i.e. faster, with more range, etc.  

I see that you have some kits.  But in those kits I do not see things like axles and sprockets, etc.

Do you have something like this, i.e. a complete package that includes the axle, etc.?  The old scooter has keyed hubs on the wheels if that helps.  And there is square tubing used as the frame for the scooter to use for mounting.

Thanks!  And if you need a picture let me know.

Hi Troy, we currently do not carry axles and axle wheels so they would need to be sourced from a go kart parts store. We recognize that many of our customers need axles and wheels to use with our kits so we are planning on carrying go kart parts in the near future though.

Right now we could provide all of the electrical parts for your project though. The first step to figuring out which parts are needed is to know the size of the rear wheels, and the target top speed of the scooter. Then we can run some gear ratio calculations and determine what the best size motor and sprocket sizes are to use.

Once you decide on which wheels and tires to use then please let us know the diameter of the tires and how fast you would like the scooter to go and we can take it from their.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Hi, thanks for the information.  The wheels are 10" in diameter.  Ideally I'd like the scooter to go around 20 MPH and have some decent torque.

I should also mention that the current set up is a 24 volt system.  Two 12 volt batteries at 35 amps each.  There is a speed and throttle pot in that system as well.  I didn't know if any of this could be used or not.  But if there are better options that don't utilize these 24 volt components then I'd rather use the better ones.

The most powerful 24 Volt motor that we have is 750 Watts which is a little underpowered for a 20 MPH top speed with decent torque.

For a 20 MPH top speed with a fair amount of torque I would recommend using a 1000 Watt motor which are only available in 36 and 48 Volts.

Would switching to a 36 Volt or 48 Volt battery pack be an option for you, or should we look at putting a kit together with a 24 Volt 500 or 750 Watt motor?

Hi.  Thanks for the info.  I could switch over to the 36 or 48 volt options.  I was just trying to keep everything "under the hood" so to speak.  If I can keep from putting batteries outside of the shroud that covers the batteries and motor that would be best.

I was wondering how the 750 watt motor would work with the SPD-241200 1200 watt 60 amp controller.  Would that give the motor an extra boost or would it burn it up?

Also, what would be the maximum speed I could expect from the 750 watt motor?

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