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Electrical motor in go kart

Hi I have a smal gokart for for 2 kids, i want to put a electrical motor in this.

Can you put togheter a  kit for me ?


36 Volt 500 Watt 2500 RPM Electric Scooter Motor 

- Battery

- Charger for 220 volt  power input.

- Battery charger connectors

36V 500W Speed Controller 

- Key switches

Fuse Holder

Battery Wiring Harness

Key Switch

- Premium heavy-duty foot pedal throttle

Heavy Duty Motor Reversing Switch

Labor to install matching connectors on every part of this kit and label them so i have to do is plug everything together.

We can put together a kit for your go kart. The 36 Volt battery pack will need to be made with three 12 Volt batteries. Please have a look at our batteries page to see which ones would be the best fit for your project. The larger the batteries are the more ride time they will provide. Here is a link to our batteries page which has the dimensions and weights of our batteries:

Do you know which batteries you would like included with the kit?

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Hi i would lik 3 of this battery 

Item # BAT-12V15A

Hi i would lik 3 of this battery 

Item # BAT-12V15A

Hi Tom, I apologize that I did not see your message regarding the batteries from three months ago. Sometime there are so many replies in this forum that one gets buried under the others and is not noticed.

I will start working on your kit now that I know the battery size.

We have a 36 Volt 500 Watt controller with built-in reverse that only requires a toggle switch (or any other switch type) to make the motor go into reverse. A toggle switch is a lot easier to install and use than our rotary reversing switch is.

Would you prefer a controller with built-in reverse, or a non-reversing controller and a separate rotary reverse switch?
Hi A controller with a built in reverse is good.
I went ahead and made the kit for your project with a reversing controller and toggle switch for reverse. It is item # KIT-137-B. Here is a link to it: 

The CHR-24V1.6AXLR battery charger in the kit runs on 100-240 Volts AC mains power.

Please have a look at all of the parts in the kit and let us know if you would like any changes to be made. 

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