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Upgrading Schwinn S500

I already have a 48v lithium ion pack I would like to use and am hoping to install one of your 48v motors and controllers as an upgrade. On the scooter I have, there are only 3 mounting holes on the plate, but on the motor plate # CTE-MOTORPLATE offered on your site I can see that there are some additional holes that may offer some flexibility, and I am wondering if the 48v motor would mount to it? If not do you think it would be possible for me to fabricate a mounting plate that would allow it to work? Thanks for any help and advice. 

The holes that are pre-drilled into our CTE-MOTORPLATE will not line up with the mounting holes of our 48 Volt motors however new holes could be drilled into it that would. CTE-MOTORPLATE has been discontinued by Currie so we can not get anymore and are currently sold out, however we will be placing an order with the factory who makes them and should hopefully have them back in stock in a few months. So for now fabricating a custom motor mount would be the best way to go.

Our 48 Volt motors are fairly long to be sticking out the side of a scooter, so maybe mounting one on top of the rear wheel, or in front of the rear wheel, would make more sense then mounting such along motor off the side of the scooter's frame. Those 48 Volt motors are 6 inches long and might hit the road when cornering, just something to think about. We have them with mounting plates which could come in handy if mounting it above or in front of the wheel.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


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