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Rsf 650 Razor 40+mph

Hey guys, I recently purchased a Rsf 650, which is pretty much a mx650. I just need help gathering the correct parts list to get get to 40+mph. I know if I want to get the 1000watt motor it will require wielding. If someone can help me with a parts list it will be extremely helpful. Please and thank you.
A 1000 Watt motor should be good for speeds up to around 30 mph however for top speeds around 40 mph a 1500 Watt motor would be more appropriate. One of our forum members has installed a 1500 Watt motor on his MX650 dirt bike however I am not sure if he has it geared for a 40 mph top speed. I recommend looking at his topic at this link: https://support.electricscooterparts.com/discussions/topics/1000082529

We have ordered and will soon be getting in stock 63 teeth sprockets for 8mm chain which will fit the MX650 and work with 48 Volt 1500 Watt motors. With these new 63 tooth sprockets and a 1500 watt motor the top speed will be around 40 mph. I am not sure if the air resistance encountered at 40 mph will allow a 1500 Watt motor to run at full rpm for an actual 40 mph top speed on flat ground however I would expect at least a 35 mph top speed on flat ground with it.


Please let us know if you have any questions.

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