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Razor Metro Rear Wheel


I've just done a "Spring Tune-up" on my Metro. After servicing the rear hub and installing it, I found that when I powered the wheel to check it, it has developed wobble at the wheel sprocket. I'd like to replace the wheel but everywhere I look, including your site and even Razor, the wheel comes up as discontinued? Are there any possibilities for replacements for this?

You've been a great resource for my Metro....Thanks! Gene

Usually, a wobbly wheel sprocket is caused by a worn out freewheel or bent sprocket though, which are still available. Most of the time it is the freewheel which has worn out when the sprocket wobbles unless the scooter has been in an accident. I recommend looking into replacing the freewheel or sprocket to repair the wheel.

If you hold the sprocket to keep it from turning, or simply allow the chain and motor to hold it and keep it from turning, and rotate the wheel forward, now if the sprocket wobbles with the wheel turning and the sprocket stationary, then the problem is with the freewheel.

If the sprocket does not wobble using the above test, then the freewheel is good and the sprocket is bent. The chain can be taken off of the sprocket, and it can be allowed to rotate with the wheel, and now if the sprocket wobbles then the sprocket is the problem.

We have freewheels and sprockets available for the Razor EcoSmart Metro electric scooter on this page:

Here is a link to our freewheel removal guide:

Please let us know if you have any questions.

hi please help does anyone know how to remove the motor sprocket from xyd-6d currie motor 400w.cant figue it out at my wits end  help please

There is a 3mm roll pin that needs to be taken out of the sprocket with a pin punch to remove the sprocket.


Support the sprocket with a block of wood so the motor shaft does not get bent when removing the roll pin.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

top man esp thank you

does anyone know where to get a 13t or 15t sprocket #25  for the xyd-6d currie motor

We have a 13 tooth sprocket that fits Currie xyd motors with 10mm straight bore shafts, and we have a 15 tooth freewheel sprocket that fits Currie xyd motors with 10mm shafts that step down to 8mm at the end.

Typically the non-freewheel sprockets only replace non-freewheel sprockets and the freewheel sprocket only replace freewheel sprockets. However we have seen 15 tooth freewheel sprockets replaced with non-freewheel 11, 12, and 13 tooth sprockets. 15 tooth freewheel sprockets will not fit on motors with 10mm shafts that are not machined down to 8mm on the end though.

We have these 13 and 15 tooth Currie motor sprockets available on this page:

Please let us know if you have any questions.

thank you

looking for a back wheel too, or actually a part within the wheel brake mechanism its the bearing cap nut , how can i get that particular part? please help


We expect to get a shipment of Razor EcoSmart Metro rear wheels within the next month or two. You could sign up for an email me when back in stock notification by clicking here

We may have or be able to get the brake mechanism bearing cap nut that you need. Would you be able to take a photo of that part so we know what it looks like?

Here is a few pictures of the part first two how it goes together third how it’s broken and the last picture is where the piece goes .... hope you can help thank you :)

Thanks for attaching the photos. We checked and found that we do not have the cups or adjusting cones for that wheel. This has prompted us to begin carrying wheel hub cups and adjusting cones though so they are parts that we plan to carry in the future. 

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