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Atv upgrade

I just purchased my son a 24v 350w atv, I was told it goes up to 20mph and would be good in the dirt but of course it's not it just crawls when the grass is just wet, I'm trying to find out if I can upgrade the motor any one have any suggestions?
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Wow independent front suspension with dual front disk brakes. Electric ATV brakes and suspensions are getting a lot better these days.

A 20 mph top speed gearing on a 350 Watt motor is a very high gear ratio and should only be able to get up to speed on flat paved surfaces with a lightweight driver. I would expect that motor size with that gear ratio to be at a crawl speed on slightly wet grass or when going uphill.

We have motors rated up to 1000 Watts that would take it from slow to fast in tough conditions. If upgrading the original 350 Watt motor to a larger one then the motor, controller, and gauge of wire in the battery pack wiring harness would need to be replaced. We can help with matching motors to controllers and which gauge of wire to use.

You might want to start by seeing the different size motors that we have and measuring the space on the ATV to see which motors will fit. Our 24 Volt motors along with their dimensions are available on this page:

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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