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Chain upgrade for EcoSmart Metro

I recently upgraded my EcoSmart Metro Scooter to a 48volt 1000watt system and now that the scooter has a massive increase in torque, I am concerned that the stock chain isn't going to hold up. Does ElectricScooterParts sell a heavy duty roller chain that I can replace the stock #25 chain with? 


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Razor uses #25H chain on all of their electric scooters so the EcoSmart scooter has a heavy duty #25 chain. However #25H chain tends to wear out fairly quickly with motors that are rated at 1000 Watts and higher.

I recommend replacing the #25H chain with 8mm chain and 8mm sprockets. 8mm chain is the size most commonly used with 1000 Watt motors. 8mm chain is considerably larger and heavier than #25H chain so it would be a great upgrade to make to the scooter.

We have a 54 tooth sprocket for 8mm chain item # SPR-854F that will fit onto the EcoSmart scooter's rear wheel freewheel.

The MOT-481000 motor should have come with an 11 tooth sprocket for 8mm chain factory installed onto it. We also have 10 tooth sprockets for 8mm chain item # SPR-810 available for that motor if you do not want to increase the gear ratio by that much.

I ran some gear ratio calculations and found that with an 11 tooth motor sprocket and 54 tooth wheel sprocket the top speed would be 25.53 MPH. And with a 10 tooth motor sprocket and 54 tooth wheel sprocket the top speed would be 23.21 MPH. So increasing or reducing the motor sprocket by one tooth makes quite a big difference in gearing and top speed.

Hey guys

Thank you for getting back to me so soon. Since you guys have never let me down with the advice you have given me thus far I am going to order the heavier 8mm 54 tooth rear sprocket and replace the 10 tooth that is mounted now to the 11 tooth that came with the motor. I am also going to order the 8mm chain although I'm not sure what length to order. Thanks to you guys my wife and I have two amazing (and powerful) EcoSmart Metros. We are customers for life and you would not believe how many people have seen our scooter and asked how to build one. We always tell them to check out your web site and let them know that you guys are the best there is.

Great choice upgrading to 8mm chain. Once you see the size of the 8mm chain I am sure that you will be glad that you switched over to it. Since it has a longer pin to pin spacing and larger rollers 8mm chain should run quite a bit quieter than #25H chain does.

Regarding the length of 8mm chain that is needed for the modification we have a chain length calculator however I like to use it as a starting guide only and then buy a little more chain than is needed and cut it down to the right size after it has wrapped around the sprockets.

We have found our chain length calculator to be very accurate, however sometimes it is difficult to get a precise center to center distance measurement between the motor and axle sprockets because the shaft and axle that they are mounted onto usually end on different planes. So buying a little more chain than is needed and breaking the chain down to the right size after it has been wrapped around the sprockets tends to be the most fool proof way of buying and installing chains.

Hey Guys

Last Saturday my wife and I attended our Spring Fling Car Show. We entered our 1940 Ford 3 Window Blown Pro-street Coupe in the Show. Since we planned on being their all day and wanted to take in all the other cars and all the booths and vendors that were there, we decided to take our 2 custom EcoSmart Metro 48v 1000w sublime lime scooters so we could ride around and see it all. Well we ended up having about 30 people come up to us and inquire about our scooters. We even let about 9 people test ride our scooters and we had to list everything we did to build them so many times that my wife finally just wrote out all the steps in the build and where we bought the scooters and especially your website and all the help you gave us. we then had my daughter run down the block to the copy store and photocopy 25 copies that we then handed out to all those that wanted one. My wife and I had to laugh over the fact that our two scooters got more attention than our $70,000 Show Car. So you guys are about to get a lot busier because we let everyone know how amazing you guys are so thank you for being awesome. BTW our 1940 Ford Pro-Street Coupe won the Pro Built class and Best Paint at the show. Next time my wife and I are going to enter our scooters in the Open Class that has Bicycles, and Mini bikes. 

That is great to hear how much attention your modified EcoSmart Metro scooters received. I imagine that there were a lot of show cars at the car show but not too many modified electric scooters so they stood out and grabbed everyone's attention. Thanks for passing on the information about where you got the parts from to modify them. We appreciate that and look forward to helping other people modify there EcoSmart electric scooters.

sorry to hijack this topic but can you tell me what you did to upgrade this scooter id like to upgrade mine the same as yours minus the paint

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