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How can i get my 72 volt electric moped to go faster please

How can I get my 72 volt electric moped to go faster it only goes 50 kilometers per hour ty
Is your electric moped advertised as being able to travel faster then 50 kmh and it is not performing as it should, or is it performing the way it should for a stock moped and you want to modify it to go faster?
I don't know if it is and I don't know how to find out if the controller is programmable. But it is brand new and the name of it is Ramada but if you can help that would be awesome ty
Most electric scooter and moped controllers are not programmable. I could not find any information about Ramada electric scooters or mopeds so I am not sure what the top speed is that it is engineered to travel at.

Since the moped is brand new I imagine that its battery pack, controller, and motor are all working at their peak performance. If it has a hub motor then there is nothing that can be done to lower the gear ratio and gain more speed. However if it has a motor on the frame and uses a chain to drive the rear wheel then a smaller wheel sprocket could be installed to gain more top end speed.

Most modern electric mopeds have hub motors though in which case there is really nothing that can be done other than replacing the rear wheel with hub motor and controller with more powerful versions.
Oh ok well it's called armada not Ramada lol sorry see if you can find out about that kind. And I can take pictures of you don't find anything of the controller and the motor let me know if you find out about armada scooters
I found the Armada Scooters website and noticed that all of their street legal two-wheel electric scooters have 500 Watt motors. Since you are getting a top speed of 50 km/h from a 500 Watt motor that is extremely good performance for that size of motor.

There is no easy or simple way to make it go faster. To modify the scooter for a faster top end speed would require major electromechanical changes such as custom installing a more powerful rear wheel with hub motor and controller. Finding a more powerful rear wheel with hub motor that is rated for a faster top speed and that would fit the scooter's frame would be the most challenging part of the modification.
Oh ok well ty very much for trying to help
My bike speedometer says 50 but it's actually only 40 it's wrong. If I put a smaller car battery on to will it go faster?

If you add a small car battery to the moped's existing battery pack to increase the Voltage by 12 Volts that might increase the maximum speed of the moped by overvolting the motor, or it might burn out the controller and or motor from overvolting them.

If you decide to try this then a small car battery is not the right battery type to use because it is a starter battery and not a deep cycle battery. A starter battery would work for initial testing though, and could then be replaced with a deep cycle battery later on.

It is a fairly risky move to overvolt an electric moped. I would only suggest doing this if you are prepared to replace the controller or motor in case it does not work out.

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