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Noisy motor - Razor Ecosmart

I bought the MOT-SD36600 36v 600W motor, expecting it to be a good match to the stock controller, but I've encountered an issue -- it's noisy as hell. It came with a eleven tooth sprocket for a #25 chain, and runs nice and quiet without the chain attached. Put the chain on, it sounds like a buzzsaw. Something isn't meshing properly.

Any ideas?

(photo - new on left, original on right)

The loud noise is most likely due to the new motor's sprocket being used with an old chain. This can cause excessive noise and wear on the new sprocket.

The noise could also but is much less likely to be caused by a misalignment between the motor and wheel sprockets. If the sprocket on the new motor is a different distance from motor's body than the sprocket on the old motor is then the motor and wheel sprocket may not be in alignment. Misalignment of sprockets usually does not cause excessive noise though so it sounds more like a new sprocket with old chain type of problem.

I would start with a new chain and wheel sprocket and take it from there. If that solves the problem great. However if the chain falls off when the scooter is being used then the sprocket alignment should be looked into.

Chains and sprockets wear out together over time,and as the chain gets old and its pins become further apart from each other, it wears out the sprockets that it is attached to to conform with its new size.

When replacing an old sprocket with a new one, it is recommended to replace both of the sprockets and the chain as a set. This way an old chain will not prematurely wear out a new sprocket and everything will mesh together properly as it is supposed to.

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