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Manco mini bike convetsion

I need a motor to bring this bike up to 30 mph and get some decent time out of it, any reccomendations on a motor size, also the sprocket is a concern to fit on the shaft of the new motor. Please advise what equipment I may need, Thanks
We have a new 1600 watt brushless motor that will be in stock in a few weeks which is capable of the 30 MPH top speed that you want the mini bike to have.

The mini bike most likely has a rear wheel sprocket for #35 or #41/420 chain. The 1600 Watt motor will have a sprocket for 8mm T8F chain installed on it and a motor sprocket for #35 or #41/420 is not available for the motor, so an 8mm chain sprocket will need to be installed on the rear wheel to replace the existing sprocket.

I can run some gear ratio calculations to figure out what size rear wheel sprocket is needed for a 30 mph top speed. I just need to know the diameter of the rear tire to run the calculation. Could you please check and let me know what the diameter of the rear tire is?

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