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Circus clown car convert to electric

I want to convert my gas gokart to electric.  Fully loaded with me and the dogs, it weighs less than 500 lbs and does not need to go faster than 15 mph.  We drive on level ground and only need to go around 3 miles per day at mostly walking speeds.

The rear axel has a 9" sprocket with what appears to be #40 chain and I would like to keep that sprocket and chain if possible.  I see that the motors like the the MY1020 have 8mm sprockets.  Is it possible to change the motor's sprocket to fit #40 chain, or should I replace the axel sprocket to accept the 8mm chain?

How many volts and how many watts do I need?   Is that 48 volt 1000 watt motor a logical choice?




Thanks for your order. We will ship your heavy-duty controller kit order out on May 28th. 

On the old charger, it sounds like something may have got sucked into the fan which caused it to stop spinning or maybe the fan just stopped working from natural causes. You might want to try looking into the fan with a flashlight to see if anything may have gotten stuck in its blades. Also on some chargers, the fan does not turn on until it gets warm so maybe the fan just has not turned on quite yet. 

I can't see anything through the fins.  It's on my desk, not plugged in.  Any reason, I shouldn't open it and have a look see?

I opened 'er up and found a broken off fan blade wedged and keeping the fan from turning.  I removed the loose blade, closed up the case and plugged it into an outlet giving me a green light and no fan.  I connected it to the charging port of the car and the light turned red and the fan started humming.  That sounds good OK...right?  I get a new one on Monday, so are there any tests to perform on this one, to make sure it can serve as a backup?

Yeah, that sounds good about the charger and fan working. I imagine that the remaining fan blades are a little out of balance with one blade missing so it might make a little more noise than normal and the fan may blow a little less air through the charger so it would be good to use as a backup and not as the main charger. 

Since the green and red lights are acting the way they should the charger should be working fine. The charger's output Voltage could be tested to confirm that it works, however, since the charger has an XLR connector it would be very easy to short-circuit the XLR plug's pins with the multimeter probes which could permanently damage the charger. A safer test would be to recharge the battery pack with the charger and test the Voltage of the battery pack to make sure that it is slowly increasing during the recharge cycle.



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