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Razor Ground Force Drifter 500 watt motor coversion

My son's Razor Ground Force Drifter needs an upgrade. I want to do a 500watt motor upgrade and need all the parts to complete it. Can someone on the forum here provide me with all necessary parts to complete the conversion. Part numbers would be helpful. I'm looking to purchase all brand new parts. Thanks very much. Christopher.

You could mail the existing throttle to us and we could include it with the kit so a new throttle does need to be purchased. We could include a handlebar mount thumb switch for reverse such as our item # SWT-23. Another option would be to include a thumb throttle with built-in reverse switch such as THR-132 with the kit.

Here is a photo of SWT-23.


Here is a photo of THR-132.


Pricing for the kit would be around $260.00 without a new throttle and with the reverse switch, or $270.00 with the new throttle that has a built-in reverse switch.

I like the $270 option with the throttle mounted reverse switch

I like the $270 option with the throttle mounted reverse switch and am ready to make a purchase. Thanks.

Okay that sounds great. I will start working on the kit and post a link to it here in around an hour. Thank you.

Thank you

I have got the kit finished. It is our item number KIT-137-D. Here is the link to it: https://cart.electricscooterparts.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=KIT-137-D

I included the MOT-24500X2500B motor with the kit. If you prefer a different motor then please let me know and I will modify the kit to include it.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

I was wondering why this additional controller is included in the link. Is this a mistake? 

Speed Controller for Razor® Dirt Rocket Electric Dirt Bikes MX500 Version 1-9 and MX650 Version 1-7 (SPD-CT312C1)
The SPD-CT312C1 controller is not part of the KIT-137-C kit and I only notice one controller included with the kit which is SPD-24500R.

The SPD-CT312C1 controller was most likely added to the shopping cart previously from the kit. On the shopping cart page the gray box with a white X in the middle of it image that is on the left side of SPD-CT312C1 controller's image can be clicked on to remove it from the shopping cart.

Please let us know how it goes.

Ok one last thing. Is the 500w motor that you're providing on rhe kit good, better, or best? I see they're all comparably or the same price.
The MOT-24500X2500 and MOT-24500X2500B motors are the best 24 Volt 500 Watt motor that we sell. I included the MOT-24500X2500B version with the kit because it has a mounting base.

The other 24 Volt 500 Watt motors that we sell are smaller and do not have cooling vents, so they heat up faster and I believe that they also do not have as much low end torque due to their smaller size. I recommend using the smaller 500 Watt motors only if the larger ones would not fit.

One change to the kit that you might want to consider would be to not have the reverse switch on the throttle so it can not be accidentally pressed while driving. If the reverse switch was accidentally pressed when the go kart was moving then the controller could be damaged. The controller is a lot like a transmission in a car and the vehicle has to be completely stopped before switching between forward and reverse. A toggle switch for reverse could be located behind the seat or somewhere else and would be less likely to be accidentally switched, however it would also not be as easy to switch between forward and reverse directions as if the switch was on the throttle. It's totally your call on this and I just wanted to throw that information out there so you can make the right decision.

I appreciate all this information. Let's run the seperate reverse toggle switch.
Okay no problem at all, I think that is a good idea. How much wire would you like between the reverse toggle switch and the controller?
I was just looking a Ground Force Drifter photo and may have found a good place to mount the reverse toggle switch.


3' should be sufficient
Okay that sounds good. I added an extra 10 inches to the toggle switch wire and made it 46 inches just to make sure there is enough wire, because you can always have a little extra wire, but not having enough wire would be a problem.

I made a new item number for this kit which is KIT-137-E. Here is the link to it: https://cart.electricscooterparts.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=KIT-137-E

Please have a look at the kit and let us know if you have any questions or would like any changes made to it.

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