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Razor Ground Force Drifter 500 watt motor coversion

My son's Razor Ground Force Drifter needs an upgrade. I want to do a 500watt motor upgrade and need all the parts to complete it. Can someone on the forum here provide me with all necessary parts to complete the conversion. Part numbers would be helpful. I'm looking to purchase all brand new parts. Thanks very much. Christopher.

Ok with the power switch on and illuminated, all the plugs plugged in, the motor runs. Reverse works too. However the thumb throttle lights do not illuminate. Is that normal with the motor upgrade?

Great to hear that the installation was successful and the motor is running. Our technician found that the lights on the original throttle that you sent us to install on the kit were not compatible with the conversion kit's controller so he could not get them to work.

Ok we can live with that.
There is a 3 pin plug tagged not in use. It is side by side with the plug that is to be used. We plugged it in to make sure it was it was not needed and The throttle brings the motor to top speed much faster than when plugged into the correctly tagged plug. Is this harmful and is the motor indeed running faster?

We do not recommend connecting plugs together which are not identically marked because throttles and speed controllers are very sensitive to miswiring and can burn out if not wired correctly.

I can check and see what the 3 pin plug tagged not in use is for. Can you please check the label on the controller and let me know what its item number is?


Those are the two plugs that are next to each other. The plug with the number "1" has "Throttle"  also printed on the tag

The connector with the 'not used' label goes to a switch and indicator lights that are inside of the throttle. It sounds like the switch triggered the controller to run when the throttle was engaged. You do not want to use the 'not used' connector because the controller is not designed to be used with a switch for speed control. If our technician had plugged the wires into the 'not used' connector in a different order then that would have burned out the controller by short circuiting its throttle output converter when the throttle switch was engaged. Luckily the 'not used' connector was serendipitously wired so this did not happen though.
For the few moments it was plugged in, it brought the motor up to speed much faster than when plugged into the correct plug. I won't use the "do not use" plug again but just wondering why it seemingly performs much better than the correct patch. We have it set up; plugged in as directed and it's working. I believe we tried the "do not use" plug because we were trying to get the throttle light indicators illuminated.
When using the 'not used' connector the normally open SPST switch inside of the throttle was bridging the controllers +5V output wire directly to the controller throttle signal input wire so it was receiving +5 Volts instead of the normal +0.8 Volts through +4.3 Volts. This might have caused the controller to output more power to the motor than it does with the normal signal Voltage from the throttle's hall effect sensor.

The controller is engineered for a +0.8 through +4.3V throttle signal though so if it was run with a +5V throttle signal that might possibly damage it since it would be receiving a signal that was a higher Voltage than it was designed for. Nonetheless, if the switch in the throttle was used in place of the hall effect sensor then the go-kart would only have one speed and would lose its variable speed function.

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