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Will my 24V 900w motor work right on my 36V S750?

I have been riding my E-zip 900 (24v) for a while but now am building a Schwinn S750 that is 36v, the 900 motor says 24v on it, will it work fine in place of the 750W motor or are they wound specifically for 24 or 36v not just a larger wattage motor? The S750 is way more powerful than the 900 so I figured it was just extra voltage and I might as well swap the 900 motor and from disc brake setup over to my new to me S750 for the ultimate beast! What do you think? Thanks for your replies. Steve O
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The eZip 900 electric scooter's 24 Volt 900 Watt motor can be overvolted to 36 Volts, however it will run at a higher RPM and be more powerful when running on 36 Volts so it will consume more Amps and generate more heat than when running on 24 Volts.

It is likely that the motor or controller will overheat and burn out if the 36 Volt 750 Watt motor is replaced with a 24 Volt 900 Watt motor, so we do not suggest doing this unless you consider the scooter to be experimental and do not mind replacing these parts if they fail.
Thanks for the response, you probably saved me some time and money. I'm pleased with the power of the S750 especially with the aftermarket twist throttle and controller I have installed. I will just bring over the front forks with disc brake from the E-zip 900 but leave the motor for the next guy. I might pick up the 15 tooth drive sprocket with one way bearing tough I'd prefer a 12 or 13 tooth so I don't lose so much torque as I am a big guy. Are those available do you know?
The freewheel sprockets for Currie motors are only available with 15 teeth. The one way bearing inside of these sprockets is too large for any sprocket under 15 teeth to fit over.

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