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Circus car vol 2

We are getting close to completing this project, but I have a question.  


I have a female connector with a black and a red wire coming off of the positive terminal in the center of the controller and the negative terminal on the side of the controller.  There is a male connector with a blue and a white wire coming out of the silver junction box with a label saying 2 Reverse.  Do I connect these together?



I apologize for not being able to reply to this yesterday, I was away from work for the day. It is great to see everything getting mounted to the board.

From looking at the photos I can see that our technician mislabeled one of the reverse connectors with a label that reads 'motor'. Since the motor connects directly to the reverse relay, this connector labeled 'motor' would have to be the one that connects to the controller's reverse connector. So the motor and reverse connectors do go together.

I'm still a bit confused.  Does it look like I have things connect correctly? 


The black wire labeled 3 Motor coming out of the female connector goes to the side post on the controller  and the red wire goes to the center top post of the controller.

Yes that is right. The way that the 3 Motor harness is attached to the reverse relay in your photo is correct. Sorry for the confusion caused by our mislabeling of the connector.

Our bench test went well and everything works.  It's time for a road test, but the throttle's wire connector came apart.  The wires came out of the connector and I don't know which color goes to which.  what do you think?


Do you have any tips on getting a more secure connection with this type of connector?

We do not have a record of how the throttle extension cable was wired and the other end of it is not visible in the photograph, so what I can do for now is show you how the throttle wire colors match up to the controller wire colors. Then the extension cable wire colors will need to be matched between the controller and throttle wire colors.


For example if the controller throttle connector's black wire goes to the extension cable's brown wire, then the throttle's black wire would go to the extension cable's brown wire. Hope this makes sense - if it doesn't then you could insert a photo of the entire extension cable showing both ends and I could then provide less complicated instructions.

I see in the photo that the wires were pulled from the connector terminals with enough force to shear most of the copper wire strands in half. This would take quite a bit of force to accomplish and there is not much that can be done to prevent a failure like that under those conditions. If this was caused by the throttle extension cable being too short then we would be glad to make a longer one for you at no extra charge.

That's all I need to know.  I'll  connect the wires so that it matches your diagram above.


You are welcome. Glad that I could help today. The offer is still on the table of making a longer (or same size) throttle extension cable if needed. Please let us know if there is anything else that we may help you with.

It's alive!

All hooked up and runs perfectly. I'm making some changes to the body so I won't have pix of the whole deal for a while, but the electric motor is excellent.  Good speed and enough torque.

Thank you for your guidance on this project.  There is no way I could have achieved this without your help.

I also feel that I got a bargain for the money I spent.  It really was put together well and your advice was excellent.  The government should put you in charge of more things.


Now I want to hook up 12 volt lights and horns.  What do I need for that?

There are two unused connectors coming out of the silver junction box.

One is labeled 'Indicator' and one is labeld 'Brake light'.

I supposed these are 36 volts.


The installation of all the parts looks fantastic. Great to hear that it is running and the speed and torque are right for the car.

The controller's 'Indicator' and 'Brake Light' connectors do output 36 Volts as you suspected. They are designed for very small loads of 10 Watts or less so I would not recommend using them for a horn or headlights.

To run 12 Volt lights and horn from the 36 Volt battery pack a DC-DC voltage converter will be needed, or they could be run from a separate 12 Volt battery that is dedicated to running the lights and horn.

These 12 Volt accessories should not be run from one of the 12 Volt batteries in the 36 Volt battery pack. If this is done then the battery in the pack they are run from will discharge more than the others which will create a Voltage difference between it and the other batteries. This Voltage difference will then amplify every time the batteries are discharged and recharged until one of the batteries is undercharged and the other two batteries are overcharged, which will damage the batteries and significantly lower their lifespan.

We carry 12 Volt DC-DC converters on this page: https://electricscooterparts.com/voltage-converters.html

If you decide to install a DC-DC converter then it will need to have a switch between it and the 36 Volt battery pack. Otherwise if it did not have a switch then it would cause a phantom load on the battery pack which would slowly discharge it when the car was not being used.

Here is a wiring diagram for our DC-DC Voltage converter:


The DC-DC Voltage converter is fairly straightforward to install as shown in the wiring diagram above. We could also make a kit with a DC-DC converter, toggle switch, and wiring harness with connection terminals.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Maybe for now, I'll use a separate 12 volt battery for the horn, siren and led taillights.

If I use two of your chrome fender mount 36 volt headlights , can they plug into the indicator and brake light connectors coming out of my controller?  If not, what would be a good way to wire them into my system?

It looks like the silver box with all of the connectors is called the 'controller'.  If that's the controller, what do you call the black unit with ring terminals?

Hello?  Is there anybody out there?

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