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Razor dune buggy upgrade

Hi there, My oldest son is getting close to 100 lbs. We live on the side of a hill and the stock go cart has a little trouble getting up. I would like help selecting upgrade parts to bring this thing up to grade. 36V sounds about right. Everything works but batteries are not new. Some speed improvement would not be refused. They sometimes take it off road. Would larger wheels help with that? I am skilled in woodworking but have never mastered welding. If I could get away with some drilling, bolts, a bit of wiring, that would be about the right skill level for me. Thanks!
When a larger and more powerful motor is installed on the Razor Dune Buggy the jackshaft can continue to be used for a slight increase in top speed and a major increase in torque and hill climbing ability, or the jackshaft can be removed and the motor can drive the axle directly for a large increase in speed. If the jackshaft is removed and a 500 Watt motor installed then the top speed will be around doubled and the hill climbing ability will be around the same. However if a 1000 Watt motor is installed then the top speed will be around doubled and the hill climbing ability will be twice as good as with the original motor.

Using the Original Jackshaft:
  • With 500 Watt motor = same speed and 2 times the hill climbing power
  • With 1000 Watt motor = 20% increase in speed and 4 times the hill climbing power.
Deleting the Original Jackshaft (chain goes directly from motor to axle):
  • With 500 Watt motor = 2 times increase in speed and same hill climbing power. (Some people have reported that there is not enough torque when running a 500 Watt motor directly to the axle so do this on an experimental basis only.)
  • With 1000 Watt motor = 2.2 times increase in speed and 2 times the hill climbing power.

Larger wheels would change the gear ratio and provide a faster top speed however the Razor Dune Buggy has wheels that were made specifically for it and are unique to it, so finding anything other than original wheels for it may prove to be difficult.

Most Razor Dune Buggy modifications do not require welding and metal fabrication, and are done with more common tools such as a drill, hacksaw, etc. Trays to mount the batteries can be made out of Zinc-Plated Steel Slotted Angle or Plywood.



In the photo above the motor is mounted to the frame with two 1/4" threaded rods that are bent into a U-shape. This is because if the same motor with mounting base was used it would be too tall to fit into the frame. We recommend placing 1/4" ID clear flexible nylon tubing over the threaded rod where it contacts the motor so the motor's paint does not get scratched and also to provide a better grip onto the motor.

Here are four modification upgrade kits that we currently have for the Razor Dune Buggy:

24 Volt 500 Watt, KIT-24300:

24 Volt 500 Watt with Reverse, KIT-24301:

36 Volt 1000 Watt, KIT-36300:

36 Volt 1000 Watt with Reverse, KIT-36301:

All of these kits can be customized with different throttles, switches, batteries, chargers, or other parts. If you like one of these kits however would prefer it to have a different part then please let us know and we will make a custom kit tailored specifically for your project.

The Kart comes with 2 12V 7.5ah batteries.  Can the 36 volt 1000 watt package above be modified to include a single 7.5ah battery instead?  I'm trying to get the cost down.  What will the approximate run time be?  Are the 15ah batteries included in the package a necessity?

The 30-minute maximum discharge current level for 7.5Ah battery pack is 15 Amps and the controller in the 1000 Watt kits has a 32 Amp current limit so the 7.5Ah batteries are not suitable for the kit. 15Ah batteries are the smallest size that we recommend using and include with the 1000 Watt kits. 

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