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Razor E100 sprocket for less speed

Looking for a sprocket to slow my daughters razor down. Any body have any ideas or part numbers to help. Thanks.

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In an extreme case, if someone wanted to modify the E-100 scooter for 50% of stock speed (5 MPH instead of 10 MPH), it may be possible.  There exists a 6T front sprocket for # 25 chain so stock 9 tooth down to a 6 tooth.  For the rear sprocket, going from stock 47 tooth to 62 tooth would give someone a top speed of 5 MPH (in combination with the 6 tooth front).  This may be useful for someone that perhaps needs to scooter to go up a significant incline that the stock scooter cannot negotiate like up a fairly steeply sloped driveway for example.  

By the way, regarding the original solution of using a 55 tooth sprocket with the same 29mm center hole, one of the existing 3 holes lines up perfectly, at least on the sprocket I got.  For testing purposes only, I rode the scooter around with only 1 sprocket bolt.  I would think minimally, one opposing hole would have to be drilled, with 4 holes being "optimal" (for strength and reliability).  I rode it around and didn't notice a lot of difference, except that it was a little slower, and required a little less push to get the throttle to engage the motor.  I think it really need that smaller 7 tooth front sprocket as well.  However, the center hole on that sprocket is too small to fit over the motor shaft so I may have to get it bored out, but then the teeth might be too close to the center hole so it might not work.  I will take some measurements and report back soon.  Today is Sat 2/3/2018.

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