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Gorilla wagon - kit to retrofit

Looking to fit a motor assembly to this cart. Gorilla Carts Steel Utility Cart with Removable Sides with a Capacity of 800 lb, Red Using for beach hauling, flat, hills, deep sand, compacted sand everything. Trying not to break the bank, can this be done for under 200? Even if I can just get a motor that assists my pulling... Wife won't be happy with 600 dollar toy purchase. Any and all help much appreciated

The lowest price beach cart power kit with batteries that we have is $300.00. Here is the link to it.


All of our other wagon kits can be found on this page:

The KIT-145-C kit only includes a rear wheel sprocket with no mounting hardware, so a way to mount it to the wheel would need to be figured out and followed through with. This would only provide one wheel drive though which would work good on flat paved and dirt roads and trails however one wheel drive would not work very well in deep sand or uphill dirt trails or roads.

For good traction in deep sand and uphill dirt roads and trails two wheel drive would be needed which would require replacing the existing rear wheels and axle with a live axle and wheels that attach to it such as can be found at go kart parts stores.

We carry a wide variety of chain sprockets and sprocket to axle mounting solutions on this page:

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