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Need Help With Motor Selection for Project

I am trying to customize a standard hand truck with an electric motor to assist with move 600-800lbs on and off trailer ramp - from curbside thru the customers yard, (grass, dirt, mud, slope). We have tried using winch motors but they are too slow and  too loud. Any suggestions on the right combination of gear ratio, speed, torque capability, battery capacity/length of use, would be greatly appreciated. I am currently using a 48 tooth sprocket on 1" axle with a #40 chain 1/2" pitch x 5/16" with. 

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Ok lets go with the 35Ah batteries.

I started making the kit today and realized that there are a few different controller options. I will go over these options and then you can decide which controller to include with the kit. Here are the three controller options that are available.


The Amps ratings of these controllers are directly proportionate to the amount of power that they will supply to the motor.

The SPD-482000A controller would provide 60 Amps of power to the motor which could be intermittently used for going up steep inclines. This controller would provide the most amount of power of the three. The 48 Volt 1000 Watt gear motor is rated for 1000 Watts continuously, however, it can handle producing more power such as 2000 Watts intermittently. The 60 Amp controller would provide nearly twice as much power as the other two controllers. You would just need to make sure that the motor was not used to go up steep inclines continuously otherwise this 60 Amp controller could potentially overheat the motor.

The SPD-481000D controller is a heavy-duty 1000 Watt controller with a 35 Amp output. With this controller, the motor could be used for going up steep inclines continuously without having to worry too much about overheating the motor. The motor would be limited to consuming 35 Amps though so it would not be as powerful as if used with the 60 Amp controller.

The SPD-481000C controller is a standard-duty model with a 30 Amp output. It would work with the kit and provide a decent amount of power to the motor however it is the smallest, least powerful, and least heavy-duty controller out of the three.

The price difference between the three controllers is not very much. The SPD-48100C is $49.95, SPD-481000D is $74.95, and SPD-482000A is $99.95.

I am fairly sure that the 60 Amp controller is what you want however I would like to give you the choice of controllers since there are options.

Which controller would you like to be included with the kit?

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Ok lets go with the 35 amp output for now! Will I be able to upgrade later if need be?

That controller is a good choice. I will start working on the kit now and reply again with a link to it once it is finished.

The controller can be upgraded later if need be. That would be no problem at all.
I have got the kit finished. It is item number KIT-481000G-20. Here is the link to it: 

I included a thumb throttle that has a push button switch on it because it is our highest quality and strongest thumb throttle. The throttle's push button switch is not wired to anything in the kit, however, in the future you could use for something like a floodlight or radio if you want.

Please have a look at the kit when you get a chance and if there is anything that I missed, or if there is anything in the kit that you would like changed then please let me know.


Did you wind up building this cart? It's pretty much exactly what I want to do (a yard cart for a small farm that is self-propelled to go no faster than walking speed, with reverse & dump).

I would really like to see a picture of your drive train, if you would be willing to share one.

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