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Veltoteq SHO-GT won't climb hills

I have a 2008 Veloteq SHO-TG which goes great on the flat or slight inclines, but when it meets anything serious is slows to less than a walking speed and becomes very unstable. It has a brushless hub motor. Is there any way make it do better on hills. I weigh 170 lb.

Thank you fgor any suggestions.

The way that the scooter slows down to a crawl when going up hills could be caused by the way that the scooter was designed (small motor with high gear ratio), or it could be caused by an old or worn out battery pack.

We recommend to look at the battery level gauge on the scooter's instrument cluster while riding the scooter and compare the battery level when the scooter is being driven on flat ground to when it is being driven up a hill that slows it down. If the battery level gauge significantly drops when going uphill then the battery pack might be causing the problem. 

Thank you ESP Support. I'll look into this and see if this is so. When I put in a new battery pack, the problem was there from the start, so I'm thinking it might be motor, as you suggest. Do you know if i can install a better motor for this bike?

You are welcome. As far as I know the motor in the Veloteq SHO electric scooter is unique to only that type of scooter and is not replaceable with other common electric scooter motors. Since the Veloteq SHO scooter has gear drive and does not have a chain that makes it difficult to find a better motor to upgrade it with.

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