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mobility scooter motor brake wiring w/spd24500a

I have a mobility scooter with an electromagnetic brake. The controller burned out and parts NLA. I purchased a SPD-24500A controller, a switch for reversing, a hall effect throttle and wired from scratch. The unit drives very well, but braking is a problem. I am at somewhat of a loss as how to wire the brake. I used an electronic relay that actuates at a range of 1.5vdc to 24vdc. I wired it into the throttle signal. Then i wired 24vdc to the potential side of the relay, and the brake to the other side. It drives perfect, with the exception that when i let off the throttle, it keeps coasting. I then installed a diode to prevent backfeeding voltage and it stops too abruptly. HELP!!!!!!!
If the scooter has a handlebar or panel that a switch could be mounted onto then maybe the electric brake could be controlled with a momentary switch so that you have complete control of it.

We carry a handlebar mounted momentary switch item # SWT-25 on this page:

SWT-25 is rated for 1 Amp so you could use it to activate the brake relay.

We do not carry panel mount momentary switches however they are a very common part at electronics stores.

Please let us know if you have any questions.
I think i would still have a problem.... Unless i went through abuck converter to reduce voltage to the brake so it wouldn't throw me over the handle bars. What about using a capacitor to boost the voltage enough to release the brake at slow speed? I think i need a variable voltage so the unit will slow to a stop - not sure, electronics is very interesting, but not my field of expertise
The scooter's electric brake is designed to be a parking brake and not to gradually slow the scooter down. You could perform some tests to see if it would act as a gradual brake by varying or chopping the Voltage that it receives. I have a feeling that its friction materials would not hold up very well to gradual braking though since that is not what it was engineered for.

The electric parking brake is designed to be used in conjunction with a speed controller that has electronic braking so installing a controller with braking would be the optimal way to slow the scooter down and then once it is stopped or nearly stopped apply the parking brake. 4QD is the only company I know of who sells controllers with electronic braking for electric scooter motors. Here is their link:

A capacitor along with a few other components could be used to make a boost converter circuit. Factory made DC-to-DC power boost converters are readily available also.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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