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Converting 3 wheel bicycle

I'd like to add an electric motor to my schwin meridian 3 wheel bicycle. I saw the add with the motor, box and controls. I interested in the cost of this style. How does the performance compare to the front hub style? Larry
Our complete parts kits for converting a tricycle to electric power run in the $350 to $750 price range depending on the size of the motor and battery pack. The performance of our kits should be around equal to the performance of a front hub motor kit with the same power specifications. There is usually not much selection of gearing with front hub motors though so if you need the tricycle to haul heavy loads or go up steep hills then the gear ratio on our kits can be changed so it suits the conditions that the trike will be used in.

We can tailor make a kit specifically for your individual needs. If you are interested in this then please let us know.

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