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Travel X Deluxe from USA

Hi, I bought a new 3 wheel mobility scooter with a 16 inch front hub brushless motor from Diebold USA. Their online site claims it is 750 Watts and goes 22mph. I put it together and found it crawled at 12 mph. I opened up the controller and found it is labeled 500 Watts. SEE Pics.

It was turned down to 12mph with  a rheostat on control box but I clipped off governor and it increased speed up to 15/16 mph.

1 month later it won't go at all. I think it shorted at the wire to wheel connection because some wires are now exposed. A bike may have rammed into it while locked up on a bike rack. The wheel starts to go then it cuts out in one second. Lights go on for display. I think I got ripped off in Watts but do like the frame of the scooter. Can I buy a 750 Watt controller and new brushless hub motor/tire/wheel and just get rid of the old stuff? It has reverse now and i want to keep that. The company is not cooperating or answering my questions.

Looking at the photos that you attached I can tell that the scooter has very basic off the shelf electronics which would be very easy to upgrade. The front wheel with internal hub motor could be replaced with a more powerful one along with the controller. If this modification is performed the wires between the battery pack and controller may also need to be upgraded to a thicker gauge.

The 48 Volt 12Ah battery pack in the scooter is good for motors up to 1000 Watts so it could be upgraded as high as 1000 Watts without needing to install different batteries.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you ESP Support. I have spent the last 4 nights online with different manufacturers from Alibaba. They all want to help but the communication gap is a nightmare. I have a link to a youtube vid i made a couple days ago and a bunch of pics I can send to help you if you need. The company EpizonTech in Connecticutt that sold me this has been close to worthless. The motor died this week and i had to pay 50 bucks to mail it back. It is supposed to be covered under warranty but I doubt this guy will do much.
They have the wires doubled up coming out of the battery pack. One set leads to hub motor and the other to handle bars.
All i want is to be able to go 20 to 25 mph and I have a reverse/forward button when the motor worked. The frame is a solid piece and i like it.
But even all the companies in china that have seen the motor and controller agree it is just 500 watts. Something about the magnets and corn rows are too small to be 750 watts and the controller is clearly marked 500watts.
Let me know what you would charge to hook me up with a 750 to 1000 watt controller and Hub motor and with some instrutions I can probably hook it up.


 I have better pics now so you can have a good idea what I had. I do need a shaft that is 230mm and there is 160mm clearance inside the front forks. I have the 48 Volt battery pack on a 30 amp breaker.

Let me know what you recommend. You can see my existing connections. If I need to change a few I could but the 2,4,and 6 prong plugs are a little more sophisticated then what i have done. I can buy ends and connect a wire but if it is to rock then i would pay extra. Thanks, Andy

Sorry to hear about all of the problems that you are having with that scooter. I agree that it looks like a well designed and made frame and would be a great foundation to modify and upgrade into something better.

Unfortunately at this point in time we do not carry wheels with hub motors like that so we do not have one to sell to you however we are here for advice and technical support anytime that it is needed.

It is very common for a hub motor's wire insulation to break or wear off and short circuit in the area where the wires exit the axle. This is the weak link of these type of wheels. Usually all it takes is one sideswipe, spill, or accident to damage the wires in this area. We used to carry a similar wheel with hub motor however our supplier could not figure out how to ship them to us without damaging the wires where they exit the axle so we had to stop ordering and selling them.

Thank you. That makes sense. I will try and source out the right motor and controller. If I run into a problem I will definitely let you know. Take care, Andy

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