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wiring custom batteries

 i bought a shoprider hero scooter at a sale and it did not come with batteries or a charger. i plan to get two deep cycle batteries for the scooter for custom higher capacity power and they will be charged with solar power. my question is about the the battery plug, it has three wires. the large red and black wires are obvious enough, whats is the smaller third wire for? also i cannot seem to find a wiring diagram for my scooter...

well i opened the controller box and the wires are not what they seamed. the red is negative according to the pin labeling on the pcb and the grey is positive. also i found that the three wires one is unused as the secondary pigtail only has two wires.


That is extremely unconventional for them to use red as the negative wire. However, it is common for only two of the terminals to be used on a three-terminal charger plug or port.
Yeah, on closer inspection red is positive and that 3rd wire is unused. I got it up and runninf

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