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Converting trike to complete electric

I'm converting a Bayside trike to a complete electric mobile get around for a handicapped friend. It has to be complete electric as he cannot pedal a bike. I purchased a 36 volt 800 watt motor with the 6.1 planetary gear reduction with a 1000 watt controller to power the trike . It has 11 teeth for a #40 chain. My problem has been finding a 23 to 25 tooth sprocket to mount on the 5/8 axle shaft with a 1/8 inch key way. The largest I have found is a 20 tooth that would work. By the gear calculator, 20 teeth would have a top speed of almost 20 mph. My question is what kind of torque would it have at low speed? Would it handle a handicap ramp and hills as he wants to ride with us. I do not want to overload the motor which is why I wanted a 23 to 25 tooth sprocket. Does anyone know where I can purchase one? He's a 220 lb fellow. Any ideas here? Any advice is appreciated.
I forgot to metion that this trike has 24 inch wheels.
Well I found a 27 tooth for #40 chain with a 5/8 inch keyed bore. So I will try that. This drops the top speed to around 15 mph which is better in my opinion. Torque is my only concern now at low speed as I have no experience with this motor. I'll let folks know when this project is complete. The info may help someone else later on.

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