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Motor for 500 lbs electric go kart?

Hello, am looking for a motor that can carry 500lbs go kart on grass/muddy with 10incli uphill, speed around 20mph. I was thinking about putting the 1000w in parallel and would use either 1 or 2 controllers with reverse. Would that work?

If that would work I would also need brakes and sprocket for 3/4 shaft and keys also.

You are right on track with the idea of using two 1000 Watt motors and two 1000 Watt controllers. That is exactly what would be needed for the riding conditions which you described.

The 1000 Watt motors have sprockets for 8mm chain which is the minimum size chain that we recommend using with them.

We have 8mm (T8F) chain sprockets, freewheels, and 3/4" freewheel to axle adapters that are compatible with each other on this page:

For a non-freewheel sprocket to axle solution we have axle sprocket hubs available on this page:

And we make custom sprocket for 8mm (T8F) chain with the G1 mounting pattern which fits our axle sprocket hubs. These custom made sprockets can be ordered on this page:

If you know what size axle sprocket you want to use then we can narrow this down a little more. If you are not sure which size axle sprocket to use for a 20 MPH top speed then please let us know the diameter of the rear wheels and we will be able to figure out which size sprocket is needed and be able to help with matching one up to an axle adapter.
Thx for the for the axle sprocket size I don't know yet..the rear is 18x9.5-8

Hello again...i know you guys are doing your best to answer all questions and sometimes its also difficult but am completly lost with the torque and weight thing. If the above is possible without stressing the motor too much I would like to buy it and other parts that I need. 

In your previous reply you mentioned 8mm how about #35?

I ran a gear ratio calculation and found that with a 3000 RPM motor and 18" wheels the sprocket size for a 20 MPH speed is 10 teeth on the motor and 80 teeth on the axle. Here is the calculation.


Two 1000 Watt motors should be able to handle the gear ratio shown above with a 500 pound kart in grassy/muddy conditions and 10 degree inclines. Our grade power calculator shows that the two 1000 Watt motors would slow down to around 11 MPH when going up a 10 degree incline which is within specifications for the motors as they would be running at 1600 RPM at this speed so they would not be lugging. Here is the calculation.


We have a 10 tooth sprocket for #35 chain that fits the 1000 Watt and 1800 watt motors. It is item # SPR-3510 which is available on this page:

                      Item # SPR-3510

As far as controllers and reverse relays go two 1000 Watt controllers and two reverse relays could be used with the two motors. We could make a kit out of all these parts that had one power switch and one reverse switch to control everything.

We still need to figure out runtime and the battery pack size. Our 1000 Watt motors are available in 36 and 48 Volt versions. There is no difference in power between the versions the only difference would be the number of batteries in the battery pack. Here are some calculations showing the 36 Volt battery pack sizes needed for certain ride times. These calculations are based on full throttle riding conditions with some hills. If the go-kart was used on flat ground or at less than full throttle some of the time then the ride times would be longer than these estimates. Here they are.


Are you leaning more towards a three battery 36 Volt system or a four battery 48 Volt system?

How many minutes of runtime do you want the go-kart to have on a single charge?

thanks again for the reply. Can you make a kit please? for the battery i am probably going with 36v 35Ah but i havent decided yet.

Yes, we are working on the kit right now and will reply again once it is ready.

i am going with one motor actually since its going to be offroad on uneven terrain which might be a problem with 2 parallel motor..

We have a 36V 1000 Watt single motor kit with 35Ah batteries which is our item # KIT-361000-06. Here is the link to it:

Please have a look at this kit and let us know what you think. We can make any changes that you would like to the kit such as different size batteries, different throttle, remove the Voltmeter, etc.

Also, here is a search result page where all of our 36 Volt 1000 Watt go-kart kits can be viewed:

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