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Progressive Throttle for 24 V modified power wheels.

I am modifying my daughters two seater 12v f150 to 24 volts and would like a progressive throttle pedal.  I also have modified heavy duty gears, and motors and a resistor to slow breaking when she lets off the pedal. Could you please direct me to the correct product if you have such a thing for a progressive throttle pedal?

We carry variable speed (progressive) foot pedal throttles that work in conjunction with the controllers that we sell.

Our brushed motor controllers do not have electronic braking however you could install an SPDT Relay between the controller and motor which connects the motor to a resistor for braking when the relay is energized.

The foot throttles we carry are available on this page:

And our 24 Volt controllers are available on this page:

We carry connectors to plug everything together with on this page:

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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