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Converting a kids mini quad

Hi all, new here I'm looking to remove the engine from a kids mini quad and replace with a 24 v system (I figure that should be enough power for my little ones) I'm looking at gathering a parts list in terms of the electrical items so Battery Throttle Motor Speed controller, I'm looking at parts ideally that are compatible that I can just plug and play with I appreciate I may need to lengthen wires etc Thanks in advance
We can figure out what the best parts to use are and make a plug-and-play kit out of them if you would like.

To start off we need to ask a few questions about the project to help us determine what the best parts to use are.

  • What is the top speed that you want the quad to go?
  • Will the quad be used on flat ground only, or on flat ground with occasional hills, or in mountainous terrain?
  • How many minutes of ride time do you want the quad to have?
  • What is the diameter of the quad's rear tires?

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