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How to get a 48v Electric Bike To Go Faster & More Power.

I recently purchased a new Boom Speedster scooter style e-bike. It has 4 12v 12ah batteries and I can not get the thing to go over 20mph. I have had 2 other bikes 48v 20ah and had no problem with reaching at least 25mph. It also lacks power to make it up hills. I can barely get up the hills in my area. My question is does the ah make the difference and could I replace the batteries with 12v 20ah batteries? If not how can I get more power? Thanks

The ineptly named Speedster Electric Moped Boom Scooter electric bicycle has a 500 Watt motor which is only capable of speeds up to 20 MPH. Replacing the 12Ah batteries with larger 20Ah batteries will not increase the top speed of the scooter and will only increase its driving range.

The bike has a rear wheel hub motor which the gear ratio cannot be changed in so there is no way to regear the bike for a faster top speed, and even if there was the 500 Watt motor would not be powerful enough to propel the bike much faster than 20 MPH anyways.

Unfortunately, the top speed of the bike cannot be changed so it will have to be lived with or the bike could be sold to repurchase a faster one.

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