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Thumb throttle to replace twist grip throttle controller

I have a 1000 watt 48v brushless controller that came with a twist- grip throttle controller. which has three wires feeding the control box( ESC) . The thumb throttle that I purchased has 6 wires coming out of it. The thumb throttle also has 3 led lights on it. Green, yellow, and red I guess to show what position your thumb drive is in, like low, medium, and high. The kit also came with an LCD display that shows speed and battery level. I don't think I need the other three wires from the thumb controller but I was wondering what they are for. Also, I notice it has a red button on the thumb throttle which is maybe for a curse setting?

The throttle wires connect to the controller's throttle plug wires as follows:

Throttle - Controller's Throttle Plug
Red Wire - Red Wire
Black Wire - Black Wire
White Wire - Green Wire

The LCD display is using the wire that would normally go to the throttle's green battery indicator wire, so there is no place to connect it to. Also, there are no specifications on the controller's wiring directions image showing what the functions of the LCD display connector's wires are. So we are unable to determine which controller wire would go to the throttle's battery indicator wire.

The push button switch on the throttle goes to its yellow and brown wires. This switch can be used to control any low current function such as a headlight or accessory. On controllers with a power locks connector, it would typically be wired to that connector to turn the controller on and off. However, there is no such connector on the controller so the LCD display must be used to turn the controller on and off.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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