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Which is best kick scooter or electrical scooter?

I want to know which is the best scooter for 10 years old child. I want to buy a scooter for my brother but I am confused which is best for him electric scooter or kick scooter? need help from experts!

If this is your brother's very first scooter then we recommend starting off with a kick scooter. Then after he learns how to ride the kick scooter it would be a good time to upgrade him to an electric scooter.

ok, I can understand. Now tell me which electric scooter is best for me? I am new I don't use any kind of scooter so I don't know how to use it. Give me the best  idea.

Our same advice goes to you as well. If you have not used a scooter before then we recommend learning to ride on a push scooter and then graduating to an electric scooter afterward. The same way that it is best to learn to ride a bicycle first before riding a motorcycle. When you are ready for an electric scooter then Razor and UberScoot tend to be some of the best brands. The more you pay for the scooter the more powerful it will be and the faster it will go.

Thank's Buddy Now I fully understand what is best for me and my younger brother. OK fine I am following your advice. I hope your explanation is much better for me. Thank you so much for, give me the best solution I will follow your tips. 

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