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revitalizing an old mongoose


I recently had my knee replaced, and have difficulty walking at cars shows. I have bought and old Mongoose rocket fs and am in the process of fixing it up to move my 210lb carcass around. I ordered a seat post, tube, motor, throttle and controller fot it which should be here anyday. I am thinking now I should upgrade it to 36v to better move me around. Will the motor  


handle 36v or should I upgrade it? I bought the controller to handle 24-60v, so it should be fine. I don't need a lot of speed, am more concerned with range, but thought a 36v would handle the load easier, generate less heat? Any advice?



If the MOT-SD175FW 24 Volt motor was used with a 36 Volt battery pack then it would run at a higher RPM than if used with a 24 Volt battery pack which will increase the top speed of the scooter. It would also provide more torque at 36 Volts than if ran at 24 Volts, however, at 36 Volts it would run quite a bit hotter than normal which could burn it out. Since you do not want more speed then running a 24 Volt motor on 36 volts does not sound like what you are looking for.

I think a better choice would be to install a 36 Volt motor along with the 36 Volt battery pack. This way the motor will run at a normal operating temperature which will prolong the life of it.

If the scooter is instantly accelerated all of the time, which is a lot of fun, then a motor with a lower Watts rating will provide more range. However, you could install a 36 Volt motor with a higher Watts rating such as a 1000 Watt motor and take it easy on the throttle to increase range, but still, have the extra power and faster acceleration for when you need or want it.

My advice is if it is within your budget then get the 36 Volt 1000 Watt motor and accelerate slowly when you want to get a long range out of the battery pack.

If you accelerate a 1000 Watt motor slowly and it is used on primarily flat ground then it will get around the same range as a 500 Watt motor which is accelerated quickly. It is the rate of acceleration and climbing hills that lower a scooters range and not so much the power rating of the electric motor.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

ok thanks, I guess I will return the 24v motor when I get it and order the 36

Do I need an RMA for the 24v motor?

Thank you for asking. Yes an RMA is needed so we can keep track of the return and know how to process it. Please submit our RMA form at the following link and a support representative will reply back to you with the RMA number and return instructions:

Please write a comment on the RMA form mentioning that you have purchased or will purchase a 36 Volt motor so please waive the restocking fees.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Ok, got the correct motor and am in process of rewiring. The old wiring was all cut, and the new diagram provided with the controller does not  accommodate the charging circuit. I would like to keep this feature if possible. Do you have one I can follow?


Here is a wiring diagram for most Currie electric scooters.


Please let us know if you have any questions.


thank you but I found that schematic already. My problem is the controller I bought, SPD 601000a, bot not have connections for the charger

On Currie electric scooters (eZip, IZIP, Mongoose, GT, Schwinn) the charger port plugs into the wiring harness instead of the controller.

The SPD601000A controller, along with Currie controllers, requires a power switch between the controller and the battery pack so they are not able to have a charger port plug on the controller otherwise the power switch would need to be in the on position in order to recharge the battery pack and if the power switch was in the off position then the battery pack would not recharge.

The charger port could be connected to the wiring harness as indicated in the wiring diagram above, or it could be connected to the battery pack's wiring harness instead. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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