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Brake light

Hi how are doing? Can u show me a diagram installing a 48 volt brake light. This I'd the description Voltage: 48V Function: Led Tail Lamp with Reflector Connection: Yellow: Tail light Positive Green: Tail light Negative Red: Brake light Positive Blue: Brake light Negative This is the system that I'm running 1 of : 48 Volt 150 Amp Power Contactor (RLY-48150) 1 of : 48 Volt 2000 Watt Electric Scooter Speed Controller (SPD-482000A) The 48 volt throttle with the key, it has the k at the end. How do I connect the brake light to this system?? Thanks for your help
OK 1 more question. Do u know exactly wat kind of switch I'm suppose to get for the potentiometer?? Thankx
The specifications for the switch are Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) with Break Before Make (BBM) contacts.

We carry a rocker switch SWT-97 with these specifications on this page:

We also carry a handlebar mount switch SWT-27 with these specifications on this page:
OK thanks
Hi, does it matter which way a motor spins? Does the way it connects change anything?
And if u have 12 volts batteries wire in series but 1 have a different amperes on it. Will that affect any of the other batteries??
U have been such a great help to me big guy. When I done modifying my scooter I'll put up a picture so ull see wat it looks like. Thankx
Brushed type DC motors can spin in the clockwise or counterclockwise direction depending on the polarity of electricity that they are receiving. However, the speed that they rotate at and the power they produce may or may not change if the direction is changed between clockwise and counterclockwise. Some brushed DC motors are neutrally timed so they will spin at the same speed and with the same amount of power in both forward and reverse directions. Other brushed DC motors have advanced or retarded timing so they will spin faster in one direction than the other.

A brushed DC motor's direction can be changed by changing the polarity of its wires between it and the controller.


Battery packs should be made with batteries that have the same Ah rating as each other. Otherwise, the Voltages of the batteries in the pack will become unequalized which will damage the batteries and cause them to wear out much faster than normal.

We along with all battery manufacturers recommend that battery packs are made with batteries that are the same brand, same model, same age, same Voltage, and same Ah rating. 

I have the 48 Volt 1000 Watt Electric Scooter Motor (MOT-481000). Do know if this motor spins the same in either direction??
How to increase speed of motor without adding another battery??
Our 48 Volt 1000 Watt motor item # MOT-481000 has advanced brush timing so it will spin faster and have more power in its forward direction than in its reverse direction. Its forward direction is the direction that the shaft spins when positive electricity goes to its red wire and negative electricity goes to its black wire.

The speed of a brushed DC motor cannot be increased without increasing the Voltage that it receives. The exception to this rule is brushed DC motors that have adjustable brush timing. However, brushed DC motors with adjustable brush timing are not very common and none of the motors that we carry have this feature.
Is there any way I can get around this?? The way the motor is attached to my scooter Is in the reverse rotation.
I'm planning on getting a bike security system. The ones that go off if u touch the bike. Can I change the security system horn to a car horn?? How do I do that?
The motor would need to be flipped around 180 degrees on the frame to allow it to spin in the opposite direction.

You may be able to find a security system that has a wire for an external alarm so it could be wired to operate an external horn.

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